My childs father will not give our daughter back: Please help!

I am the mother of a five-year-old girl. I gave her to her father for spring break as the original agreement in our papers (the judge signed the order). It has now been 21 days, and he won’t give her back. First, it was because of the coronavirus quarantine… so I agreed to let her stay with her dad for the 14-day quarantine. Since then, the president extended the quarantine to April 30th and her dad is trying to push me into a new deal for the remainder of the school year. Please give advice on what to do??? Courts, judges, etc. are not working right now, so I’m just desperately trying to get my baby back! If I go to the police department with the judges orders and the Supreme Court document can they help me go get her? Her dad says he’ll give her back tomorrow if I agree to let him have her for one whole month after I get her for a month since school is out. Then he wants to go back to our original agreement where he gets her for 2 months in the summer and I get the 1st and last week of the summer. The first deal was a bad deal, but I had to sign it; otherwise, I wasn’t going to get my baby for the school year. I don’t have money for a lawyer. He bullies me a lot and is a nar,cissist. I live in the country safe away from people. Her father lives in a very populated city and neighborhood, and my daughter isn’t allowed to even go outside. She Never wants to go there in the first place, and now this is the longest we’ve ever been apart. She comes home so angry and upset every time she goes there because she doesn’t understand why she even has to go. She needs to be home …homeschooling since school is out. Her father has no plans for homeschooling her.


Get your order and call the police. You don’t have to bargain with him, follow the writing.


I would be calling the cops. If you have a court order I don’t see the problem as to why you can’t have your child back.


I would go to the cops with the orders. With this going on, it the most you can do at the moments


Stick to the order and if he cant follow i would bring it to police and seek help getting her back
Don’t play his bargaining games he obviously isnt thinking of her best interest if hes bargaining u deals hun


Call cops. Have your order in your hand and go get your baby. :slight_smile: it’s the law.


If he doesnt give her back you can call the cops ,but they cant make him give her back cause its his kid.
But what you need to ro is go to ur court house and pay 20$ to get the copy of yalls cs papers signed by the judge.
So if he does that again u call the cops and then he has to give her back

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My friend is a lawyer and she posted on her page that in no way, shape or form is this quarantine supposed to change custody orders. We are still required to do our shared parenting as it states.


Get your orders and take the police. He has to do what the orders say, or he can be held in contempt.


Definitely call the police. He isn’t following a legal custody agreement.

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Some police will enforce it. Some won’t.

I’d kick his freaking door down


Yes!! Call 911 ASAP!!! Don’t make no dealllls with him… you have all the rights… the police should get her for you

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Call the police and have a copy of the order he had to give her back quarantine or not child custody should not be changed

Cops will enforce custody order well in my state anyways i had order cops went told his dad to give me our son or he was arrested for kidnapping

Parents still have to follow court orders during the pandemic

Im not sure where you are but im in michigan and my ex kept my kids from me, i called the cops and they told me it is a civil matter and all i could do is file a missing parent time report w the court. We have an agreement threw the court also. The system is not right. Good luck. Its hard to deal w a person like that.

No, it even said you can still meet with your kids parents per custody agreements so he has no right to keep her

He still has to stick to the court order just as much as you do. I would definitely call the cops and everyone under the sun until my child was back under my roof. If he continues to do this I would then apply for temporary sole custody since he can’t abide by a court order that seems to favor him. Cops should be able to enforce it since there are documents.

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File for an emergency hearing.

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