My childs father will not see or take their calls: What should I do?

Please help. My children’s father and I split up. Our children ADORE him, they’re all about their daddy, but he won’t see them, answer their call, or anything if I refuse to still sleep with or talk to him when he wants to flirt/be sexual, and then they’re heartbroken, and I don’t know what to tell them. Has anybody been thru this? I don’t want him to abandon them, and he’s gone over a month without seeing or talking to them when I didn’t go along with his sexual stuff.


Find out the time frame for abandonment in the state yall live in.


Take him down legally…what he is doing is sexual blackmail. I am sure there is another word for it. Its basically rape.


Also he is just as responsible for them as you are so make it legally mandatory to see his kids or pay out his ass

Girl, He doesn’t want!!!


If he won’t see or talk to his children who adore him because you wont sleep with him, let him continue to ignore them. 1 year of no contact is usual abandonment, but check with your state to be sure. They dont need that kind of negativity in their lives, and neither do you!


Good Lord why do you want your kids around a man like that anyways!?


I went through this but in reverse. My ex husband got custody switched from me to him. Then refused to let me see them unless I had a sexual relationship with him. He got our sons home health nurse pregnant and we divorced. They got married. He would tell me id never see my kids again if I didn’t do what he wanted. I had to put my foot down. You health and mental stability is important as well.

You can’t make him be part of their lives. You are hurting your kids by letting him control you through threatening to leave the kids. Not sure who chose the split but you aren’t doing the kids any favors by having him in and out. Talk to the kids counselor at school they will give you resources to support your kids if dad does abandon.


That is so sad. Them poor children. But tbh if he is doing this emotional blackmail to you now and forfeiting his children. It is only a matter of time till he starts emotionally blackmailing them. They are better off out of it. What a pig!


Sounds like he needs to grow up. Sadly there’s not much you can do to fix this. I found out that myself with the same thing but no sex was involved. All you can do is keep the door open for him to see his kids. If he keeps going just arrange custody and access ECT. Sadly these people are all about themselves and don’t give a shit about their kids

Is he trying to use your kids so he can still get around doing things with you? That’s not right. Do you want him doing such a thing in exchange for his time with your kids? He is not only disrespecting you, but I think he also doesn’t really care about the kids. He is selfish because all he cares about is to sleep with you when he’s in need.

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My estranged husband hasn’t seen or spoken to my son (his step son) in over 2 months. My son is 6 and cries and stares at photos of his family. It breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. My husband doesn’t care and doesn’t acknowledge it when I tell him. Says he’s filing for divorce (100xs at least) but still hasn’t. The pain and abandonment of your children is palpable. Literally my heart hurts so bad for my son. Heathy ppl don’t treat ppl like crap. That’s all I keep repeating.

Thats very deep emotional abuse not just to you but the children too hun put a stop to his behaviour right yourself enough not to accept it,you ate not responsible for his sexual needs nor should he use his babies to get his own way,

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You do nothing but raise them kids. Any man that needs p*ssy or a relationship to be a father is NOT A FATHER and them kids are better off without.


Happens its gonna be hard just ignore him

Sad to say but he doesn’t sound interested…Id start applying for child maintenance

  1. Contact a good family law attorney in your area. Most consultations won’t cost you a dime. If money is an issue contact your local courts for information regarding a self-help family law facilitator.
  2. Find a good therapist for yourself and one for your kids. You deserve better than this and so do they.

My ex did the same thing and you cannot make him be a dad. the abandoned his daughter and just had a kid with someone else and I haven’t even heard from him in a year. We broke up 4 years ago and he saw her regularly when I so agreed to sleep with him but once I started refusing to do that anymore that was the end of it. You might have to take him to court.


If he doesn’t wanna be in their life then honestly I wouldn’t want them to be in his life anyways