My childs father will not stop trying to get back with me when I drop our child off: What do I do?

So I’ve been with my man for four years now. We split up, and I had a one night stand and ended up getting pregnant and having a child with the other guy Long story short, my man and I worked everything out and got back together and are hoping to get married next year. The only problem is that the guy only wants to be in his child’s life because he claims he is in love (as of today) with me and want me for himself keep in mind when I broke it off with this guy a year ago, he harassed me sent me horrible texts (I need to kill myself and every name in the book) so I did take out a harassment charge against him… I told him I only want to co-parent and every time I drop my child off he wants to rub all over me and try to get back with me I DO NOT want anything to do with him I’ve told my man that and he just keeps blowing it off like it’s nothing, but I’m so uncomfortable, and all I want is a civil thing for our child he doesn’t understand that! So he took me to court wanting 20 days out the month, and I only get 10…he didn’t come to get her three times already and decided to go out to the local bar instead… I don’t know what else to do. I have a lawyer, but I just feel like I’m not going ANYWHERE with this any advice will help


Have someone else do the exchange, or at a police station.


Have your man do the drop offs


Lawyer, parenting plan, supervised visits. Especially if there’s a order against him, the judge will take that into consideration. Either have your man with you when you drop off or meet in a public place with witnesses.
Document everything. You’ll need it.


I don’t talk to mine :joy:

I wonder what he saying or doing to y’alls kid. That’s strange behavior


Cant figure this out?
What they :point_up::point_up: said.
Come on. You know better girl

Get Ur man to drop Ur child off to her Dad.


Don’t take your kid over there anymore, that doesn’t sound like a safe environment

Have someone else take your child

My ex was doing that to me. Grabbing at me, trying to forcefully kiss me, etc. I told the court this and they said from now on we had to have someone else do drop offs

Hes in love after a one night stand?? Its sounds like theres more to it… TBH it doesnt sound healthy so save the drama for yourself n dont bother with this man. Dont put your baby in that mess either


Go back to court, get supervised drop offs and visits for him.

Lawyer. Court. You get majority custody he gets every other weekend. Dropoff /pickup at police station or through a daycare


Don’t take him to his dad m. Meet somewhere mutral


Sounds like a dangerous situation building up. I’d get a lawyer and get things on file. Your kid is just pawn in this. You need to keep her safe. He does not sound safe. You may want to get a paternity test as well just in the off chance you luck out and shes actually you mans child instead of the one night stand.


My bf and his ex only communicate thur a court approved texting app. When we pick up they come from her house to our car. When she picks up they go from our house to her car. No interaction. There are also safe places that you drop off tge child once you leave he picks up. If he no shows it is documented.

Get rid of your man…useless.
Get ex psych exam.
Document everything.
Do exchange at police station.


If your man is just blowing it off maybe you should rethink both of them. This is a problem, never go back to someone that abused you and never settle for someone who won’t stick up for you or protect you. Just my opinion…

He wants to control you. Nothing he says is about you or the child. It’s all about getting something he wants. Have your man or another mediator do the drop offs. Mediators for everything

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