My dad is abusive and I don't know what to do: Advice?

My dad is extremely rude to my mom, and when I defend my mom, my dad wants to hit me with the fist in my face and throw me out of the house. Life hasn’t been easy for me. I’m still living with my parents after numerous failed attempts to live on my own. I have a daughter of 5 yo and is currently pregnant, so I know I should have been independent already, I have my own hustle despite being unemployed, so I don’t ask them any money. My concern is just that my daughter is growing up seeing this rage and abuse against women in the house, and at times, he’s like that with my child as well. It’s difficult finding a job here, and being pregnant, the chances are even slimmer. I need strength and courage to be strong for my child and unborn. I’m feeling hopeless


Find a shelter , report him :heart:


How about you stop having kids if you can’t even achieve independence :thinking:


Next time he hits you call the cops and put them in jail


Time to grow up and get a job and move out of your parents


Its called a gun and if the sob puts his hands on your children I’d use it!


only ur mum can help herself she needs to say no to abuse call da police n get help

Stab his ass really good and call the police

Keep your phone on and record him,call the law

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Report him it’s for everyones safety

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Have an intervention with your mom and have friends and family there. Call 211 find local programs to help you. You guys can do it.

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Find your nearest women’s battered shelter. They will help you succeed


Womens shelters in your area or even churches will be able to get you and your kids out of the environment. Your mom is choosing to stay in a toxic environment (weither fear or love being blind)… you do not have to choose that life for you and your children.


You and your Mom should find a place together to get you both out of that situation.


I left my husband because he was disrespectful of women especially when he was drunk which was everyday. He laid hands on me once. I raised my 3 daughters on my own. It wasn’t easy but I did it.

Um, yeah, so move out.

Maybe if the freeloaders.moved out he wouldn’t be so angry. However, if you are allowing him to hit you or your daughter either get out, or report him or both. If you allow him to hit your child then you are guilty of child abuse can be jailed and have your children taken from you. You do not deserve to be hit regardless of how angry he is. Love is NOT hitting people you supposedly love. Get away !Do you Understand that planned parenthood can help with birth control.


Press charges for assault

CALL THE POLICE EVERY TIME HE GETS VIOLENT. Put him in jail. Seek out women’s shelters. Seek out anybody. Domestic violence is NOT okay and your concern about what your child is seeing is completely valid. GET OUT. Domestic violence escalates. It will not always be a “minor” situation. Protect your children and get out of there!


Is there another family member you could live with until your able to get on your feet. The mom is the only one that can help herself sadly. But you can protect yourself and your children by leaving the situation.