My daughher's father hasn't been spending much time with her: Advice?

My daughter’s father and I have been split for over a year now. Not a biggie. We ended on okay terms. We split custody, 50/50 for a while. But it seems like since COVID came about, he’s tried seeing her less and less to the point he’s completely stopped. I started tracking they’re visits mid-March. He got her once in April for four days then once in May for seven days while I was recovering from a c-section with my new baby (not his child). He’s also had another child, and the woman he’s with has another child as well from her previous relationship. He hasn’t seen her since mid-May. Its the end of July now. My heart aches for my baby because she’s always asking for her dad and her brother, but I can’t force him to take her. I also feel wrong for thinking of filing for child support, but if he’s not taking physical care of her, he should at least help take care of her financially, right? My boyfriend and I have been the ones doing everything for her… I’m not exactly sure what I’m asking but. Please give advice if you’ve got any…


He’s either gotta step up or pay up :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


I would file for more custody. Perhaps 80/20 and child support as well.


Have you tried talking to him and asking him what’s up and why he hasn’t seen her?


Is he not seeing her because of covid? If so, understandable but yes he should still be helping out financially and at least keeping in touch some other way


I would give him a total of 6 months (including the months hes already missed not getting her) and if he doesnt get her much in that time frame than I would file for custody and child support. That way you gave him the chance to step up.


File for full custody and get child support. He can have her every other weekend


If she’s asking for him then have her call him and say when are you coming I miss you, every time. Give it a bit and if he doesn’t step up file for child support and set up a visitation schedule.
Or if things ended on good terms like you say, just talk to him and ask what’s up.


I would first try to talk to him and figure out why he isn’t seeing her as often now. Do you have a set schedule in place through the courts? You definitely need file for child support. Even when my husband and I split and had 50/50 he paid child support. I’d also file for a set custody agreement if you haven’t already. Some states are different and it depends on your and his incomes but regardless if he’s not seeing or taking her then he needs to either step up or pay up.

If he’s not interested don’t enforce it. She’s better off without him, if he can’t take the time to acknowledge her then there’s nothing you can do except drop the 50/50 and claim child support and move on


Get child support please not sounding greedy but I was not going to file for it and ended up doing it. I can’t even imagine not raising him with help. The father is not in his life by his choice. Get the help your kid needs. If you feel bad have it go to a bank and don’t use it. Save for school or emergency!!!

You need to talk to.him. being is tiring.and his probably trying to manage it all, BUT he does need to step up for his daughter too. Nothing wrong with phone meantime

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If you are taking care of her most of the time with your boyfriend. I’d file for full custody with the baby daddy having visiting rights and get child support from him. If he isnt going to step up he could at least pay up.

Its probably because of covid plus if he is working on top of that,or may have lost his job, but I would just talk to him about how u feel about it and see his side … to many wanna also go for damn child support which I think is I and stupid if the father is still in childs life or wants to be… sounds like hes been a dad to me up until this covid has came about, money is tight we just had a pandemic … I’d understand if he was just never there … but just talk to him and see what’s going on and tell him how u feel about her not seeing her dad much anymore it’s just been sounds like 8 weeks a lot of ppl are struggling with money rn thru this covid …its not always about money or more custody see his side 1st and figure out what’s going on hell even talk to the new gf or wife to see I’d things are okay and when hes gonna see his kid again… bet deff get to the bottom of it before u make a big decision…

Child support and hopefully she can have a real good solid conventional male figure in her life. I would file for child support and hopefully through mediation you guys can work something out or get back on track.

Maybe he’s worried about this virus
Maybe there’s a person in his household that’s high risk. Can they do video talks


If he isn’t going to help take care of her, I would definitely file for child support. He needs to be responsible for all of his children.

File for child support my son’s father has to pay 400 a month because he did the same exact thing also talk to his other child’s mother start having the kids play together even if the dad doesn’t take her to see her sibling you can always ask the other mother and word of advice file now while he is out of the picture for full legal decision making child support and for custody where you get more pare ting time if he isnt will to do what he is supposed to do as a father then there are consequences for his actions

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My ex wont take ny daughter because he says he can’t handle 3 kids and he gives me more money since he wont spend a full weekend with my kids…my daughter doesn’t know that he is his father …his lost

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Holy hell… Straight to court and draining him dry huh ladies? :woozy_face:
How about you communicate with him and see what’s been going on? See what he has to say and go from there, and tell him your plans if he feels like not being around from here on out. Communication is key.