My daughter bangs her head on the back of things at time: Advice?

Hi mums, I don’t know if anyone has experienced this with any of their kids, but my almost 2-year-old daughter has a terrible habit of always banging her head backward against something. If someone’s carrying her, she will bang her head against them. If she’s sitting on a sofa, she does the same. It’s been a habit since she was a few months old and still persisting. I’m worried, as they usually say, if a child is shaken, it would affect them. But she does this banging of her head on her own. She doesn’t do it to an extent to hurt herself because she does it against someone or the sofa, but I’m worried it shouldn’t affect her internally.


My daughter does this and my sister (who is 10 years younger than I am) did it as a infant/toddler, whenever they were throwing a tantrum or upset about something. I think it’s very normal and a phase she will grow out of.

I did this when I was little, it mimicks the rocking movement of being rocked in a chair. When my mom took me into my Dr. he said it was normal and can also be anxiety driven. Coping method

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My understanding of shaken baby syndrome is that it occurs with quite violent shaking… if your daughter isn’t hurting herself with it, I would think she’s probably fine. However I would discourage it when she is being held by people etc, that seems like a great way to give someone a bloody nose.

My son did this, for him it was self soothing for inner ear pain and discomfort. He had his adenoids removed and tubes put in, and he never did it again. He would only feel the discomfort when he was anxious, because his awareness about everything became heightened.

Sending empathy… My almost 2 year old son does this (my older 2 children never did)- if his dad goes outside or to the garage to get to his car my little guy will get mad and back up to the door and bang his head on the door. I try and redirect… or let him watch my husband shoveling the driveway so he can see him and tell him daddy will come in soon (I believe little ones this age still are learning object permanence- like when you can’t see someone they believe they are gone). From what I’ve heard they will grow out of it if it an isolated sign (aka no other developmental, severe behavioral difficulties).

It’s normal, they all do it.

Normal. My son does it sometimes too. I just let him do it and if he hurts himself, well he will figure it out

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She’s teething.
Something about it releasing pressure.

She may be having headaches. My son went through this and after taking him to a neurologist we found out he was having headaches and trying to reduce the pain.

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I used to do this as a child
My mum took me to the dr and he said, there’s nothing wrong with her mentally, it could be an attention thing “I’m not saying your child is doing it for those reasons, it’s just what he said about me”
But he also said, because of that just let her keep doing it, and she’ll do it one day and never do it again— basically learn the hard way

A few months later I cracked my head on the cupboard door and needed 2 stitches… I never did it again after that

My brother killed my mom’s 2 front teeth doing that, he’s 48 now and perfectly fine. His son did it too, grew up awesome

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My son did this (not autistic) and we saw a neurologist for a soft shell helmet. He grew out of it eventually.

Four kids, going on 5…they all do it, its just a baby thing all kids go through. Currenrtly my 11 month old does it and has been for a few months. My 8 yr old used to do it even when she turned 2 and turned out as I hadalready known at the time she has autism. My other 2 yr old does it when she is only mad or upset bc she doesn’t know a ton of words and thinks her little petty self is showing me who is boss if she tries to headbutt me backwards or bonks her forehead on the floor. She learned pretty fast its not a good idea

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My son used to do it all the time until age 3. He eventually just stopped doing it. We would pre-empt the bang and try to cushion it as much as possible.

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I was a rocker. I always rocked and that resulted in my hitting/rubbing the back of my head frequently. Went on long enough where I created a bald spot and almost had to get shots to regrow the hair. That being said, my brain function is normal and I’m %100 fine.

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My daughter did the same until she was about 3. She’s now in her 50s and a lovely truly intelagent person, don’t worry anymore

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My 9 month old does the same thing if she’s pissed or tired. But if you’re worried then definitely see the pediatrician, better to be safe than sorry.

Normal behavior, just gotta get thru the phase. Unless you are considering something like epilepsy- worth a call to chat with the doc about what they think.