My daughter bangs her head on the back of things at time: Advice?

My little brother and my youngest daughter would do this when they had ear infections.

my child is 6 and undiagnosed as of yet but teacher is certain hes on the spectrum with asperges, always thought he was on the spectrum and after reading up on asperges i agree with his teacher. he used to do this a lot when he was 1-3yrs x

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Ask her dr!

Or maybe even put a helmet on not going to lie my 2 yr old has a helmet for when he’s running around hyper to avoid any head bangs that can happen

I’m that paranoid momma!

My son used to do that turns out he has epilepsy and the dr thinks he was doing it to stop the pain in his head

My child literally knocked me out once doing that. It’s probably nothing, but if it continues maybe ask her doctor

My daughter did the same, sensory processing disorder. We did OT and it helped.

Its a natural rocking in them.whwn there tired and stuff helps them loose focus and go to sleep

My son did it and once he got ear tubes he never did it again

It may be stimming.


My sister did it when she was a baby, I think it started out from frustration then became a habit. She outgrew but she was always a nervous person except when she drank. She is gone now but I still miss her!

Talk with her doctor. This can be something kids do to calm themselves but it can also be a big sign of autism

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My son did this. He got angry and couldn’t communicate and hesdbutted anything or anyone. No clue where he got it from as he is never around other little kids or daycare etc. :woman_shrugging:

My daughter did that when she was lil and my grandson does it now. I either put my hand or a pillow behind his head so he doesnt hurt himself. She should be fine, but call her dr if you’re worried

My daughter did it as a baby and toddler. Dr told me it was because she was angry and couldn’t communicate. Told me she wouldnt bang hard enough to really hurt herself. Shes eventually stopped when we stopped bringing attention to it. Now my son almost 2 does it :woman_facepalming:

babies sometimes head band forward. my grandson did this. Definitely check with her dr. some people say it’s a sign of intelligence. not sure about that but as a teenager he is pretty smart.

Some kids just do this. Some of my kids did it,but it wasn’t persistent. I babysit for 2 kids now (5 and 2) who do it. They call it rocking (like in a rocking chair.) They will both sit on the couch watching a show rocking back and forth and it seems the harder they do it the more fun they are having. Could just be a habit like that…or it could be a more serious issue. I’d bring it up with the doctor next time you are there.

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My babygirl did this. The pediatrician blew it off and it was later identified as autism.

My daughter is severely autistic and she bangs her head on the couch when she’s calming herself down and she does it on the wall when she’s mad/wants attention. Maybe go have an evaluation done to see if she may have asd but be high functioning

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My brother did that as a way of soothing himself…but ask your Dr for sure because there is an disorder that’s dangerous and shows by head banging they don’t even have to be doing it hard. Please let your pediatrician know this.

Ask her pediatrician, but likely no big deal.