My daughter bangs her head on the back of things at time: Advice?

try a calming bottle. you get like the 1$ water bottle from walmart and fill it with some liquid glitter and other things. if you see her start to do it give it to her and give it a shake.

It is a selfsoothing mechanism . I remember doing this as a child till I was about five .

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My daughter did this to there was nothing we could do to stop her eventually she just stopped

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I did to when i was young, when i was angry. I used to rock and banh my head on what ever was behind me. I remmeber doing it up into the age of 9yrs old. Sometimes when its get really really bad i catch myself still to this day. I dont know why. My mom said i started as a baby. I guess i turned out alright. I still married to the same man for going on 34 yrs and have never killed anybody…i have never even had a speeding ticket before.

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Why don’t you take her to a doctor…

Do you react? She’s learned it gets a reaction.

Need to see an OT. Sensory issues. Trying to regulate themselves