My daughter came out as bi and I want to support her even though it's against my religion: Advice?

I am very religious and kind of set in my ways … but my 13 yo daughter has come out saying she’s bi and I want to support her, but I’m having a hard time … do you have any advice to balance the two without making her feel like I’m not supporting her


Just always love her


Dont bring up religion and treat her normally


Accept her for who she is.


Take your own advice, support her :woman_shrugging:t3:


God loves everyone. With that in mind please let her know you love her no matter who she chooses to be with. My ex stepmother was so religious and made me ashamed of myself .


Lots of maturing & changing goes on in the early teen years. I would not criticize just let her grow into her own. I have boys but encourage them to care deeply for a person before moviing to any kind of physical relationship

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There are plenty of congregations that offer support from mentorship to same-sex weddings. Find one, I guess.

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Your mom and daughter is Deliverd in Jesus name Amene

Just keep loving her with your whole heart …your daughter needs your support and love now probably more than ever …God would never be mad at you for loving your child and accepting her for what she is and putting that love for her before anything else <3


It’s not “against your religion”. Period.


Of your religion is Christianity than, there should be no issue loving and accepting her as God does us all!


The Bible says to love the neighbor and that’s your number one commandment. It doesn’t say love your neighbor unless she’s gay. It’s your daughter and your job isn’t to understand, to lecture, or change. Your job is to love her. And I fully 10,000% think that’s what Jesus would do.


Let her be who she wants to be since when does it have to he against your religion? This is why theres so many depressed kids nowadays


That’s a big decision for a 13 year old! Did being a kid get looked over??? SMH


You can absolutely do both. Since you are religious try to remember God loves every one, he is the final say and the only one to judge. God will love your child regardless. I applaud you for wanting to support your child and stick to your faith. It is okay to do both.

Love her as you always have, take solace in the fact you have a good relationship with her that she came out to you and she trusted you instead of hiding it. What ever you’re doing is working. She will still have heart break all the same. Dont make a big deal of it if/when she brings home some one of the same gender treat them same you would any one else.

“Let he who is with out sin be the first to cast the stone”


She’s still your daughter, I went through the same thing… just keep loving her.

If you’re having a hard time supporting her I suggest you find a new “religion”


Do not criticize her. If she sees that it upsets you she will retract into a shell and feel ALONE… Please dont make feel ALONE… Talk to her and tell her that even though you dont agree it is her decision and you SUPPORT HER NO MATTER WHAT… do not make her feel ashamed. You don’t want her to resent you for making her feel ashamed. She is still young and just now starting to explore her sexuality. This is not uncommon for teens to feel this way boys included… They are trying to find their identity and place in this world. Its not up to us to choose who our kids fall in love with. We just need to support them…

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Shes your daughter so fucking accept her.