My daughter comes home from school defeated:Advice?

I’m sorry this is so long, but I have nobody else to ask! What would you do in this situation? My child is in the 3rd grade currently. She has hated school for the last two years, and I mean, she absolutely hates it! She is constantly making negative comments like I don’t want to go to dumb school, and I hate dumb school! The worst one was two mornings ago she told me she wanted to burn the school down with the teachers in it! I couldn’t believe the words that came out of her mouth as this was 5 minutes after she had woken up! To give you a quick recap of her last 2 years of school - 1st grade she had a teacher who was literally the devil she bullied and belittled my daughter for nearly the entire year up until the last three months when I stormed into the school demanding they put my daughter in another class and not let that teacher have any sort of contact with her ever. She had called my daughter Lala(her name)land in front of her classmates because she said my daughter spaced out, and the other children began to call her that, and my daughter came home crying. She also went from a happy child telling me all about her day to shutting down and telling me she didn’t want to talk about it. She started saying things like its because I’m too dumb when I asked her to do things around the house. I didn’t understand what was happening until she came home and told me her teacher said she told her not to come back and then we had to move. I had a yearly planner full of negative comments from this teacher and could have used the school for how they handled the situation, which is why they finally fired the teacher because they feared I was going to. 2nd grade my daughter had a better teacher however there were 3 girls in her class that constantly picked on her nearly all year long, and I was up there at the school several times talking to the teachers about it and they finally had the counselor bring in my daughter as well as these other girls and make them sign an agreement that they would all stay away from each other or there would be an office visit to the principal. So now, my daughter is made to feel she is being punished for being bullied. This year is third grade, and my daughter has no friends and was telling me that her class hates her, and she sits alone at lunch. I have a sister in the same grade but a different class and has been telling how sad it makes her see my daughter sitting alone at lunch, and she doesn’t deserve to be treated like that! I met with my daughter’s teachers and counselor six weeks after school started and asked them to help with the problem and let me know if anything else happened. They said they would keep an eye out for it. Now we are halfway through the year, and she is still sitting alone, and her teachers have done nothing to let me know or help. Also, they are quick to let me know when she isn’t paying attention during the day, but this last Friday, when another child assaulted her by hitting her in the head and back, I wasn’t given a note of any kind. I’ve lost my patience with these people, and every time they see my face, they give me the oh great what now look?! My daughter is also in therapy and seeing someone weekly, so I will be addressing the comment about the teacher and school burning thing asap! No mother wants to hear that! My daughter used to be the happiest child! My heart is broken for how unhappy she is! Please, any advice??


Teachers with a toxic environment make abusive instructors.
Move her out to a better school

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Sounds like she needs a new school and a fresh start…


Either do another school or do online school (Like the k12 one).


You want to know how to make her go and be happy about it? I think you are asking the wrong questions here. Get her in a new school ASAP- NO EXCUSES


Try and switch to a different school. Sounds like a toxic environment

File a police report about the assault. Contact the school board and tell them if they don’t get this shit straightened out the next place you’re gonna be is in front of every news camera you can find with your evidence and all over social media naming names of the administrators and teachers that are doing nothing about this. Get ANGRY mama! Make it very clear that this changes today or the gloves come off. Consider sitting in on some of her classes randomly and going to have lunch with her…take her McDonalds while the other little shits eat cafeteria food.

New school or online with extra curriculars sounds like thats not a school doing her any favors

I know moving is hard, but perhaps a transfer to another school that is near by for a fresh start? I hope things get better for your little one

I would be going to the school board and talking to them or pull her out of that school

Have you considered doing homeschool or online school? It sounds like that would be better for her.


Find another school with better social and support structures and move her ASAP


I would change schools. The environment sounds so toxic. Children are so vulnerable it’s sad. Hug her lots and remind her how amazing she is and how much she is loved


Move to a different school. It sounds like there’s too much water gone under the bridge at this one. A new one may just be the making of her!


You need to talk to the superintendent! If that doesn’t work I would pull her out of that school! Probably would have after 2nd grade.

time for a new school

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I would home school her because if there not going to do anything about it now there not going to


Some schools suck. There is always a child going through this. And they school doesnt care. There is always a child they let slip through the cracks she needs a new school. Two years ago

New school asap, whether it be home schooling or an entire new building with different people. That baby shouldn’t have to feel like that EVER and I would personally rain hell down on the other school and teachers. No one, no teacher, other child ect will ever treat my baby boy in that manner or momma is going to lose her shit.

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I had the same problems with my son in school. The bullying got so bad that he ended up with a broken knee in 2nd grade. I put him in a different school after that and within a month of being in the new school I got my old happy child back. He doesn’t have any of the problems he had before. I highly recommend getting your daughter out of that school.