My daughter cries all day at school: What should I do?

Hey mamas!! I need some suggestions here or words of comfort. My four-year-old is in preschool, her second year. Different schools, different students. She cried last year at school for a couple of weeks then did amazing. Well, this was her 3rd day of crying the entire class. She is so upset she doesn’t even eat her snack while she’s there, so when I bring her home, she’s beyond starving. Today the teacher said she cried even worse, didn’t stop at all the whole 2 hours and 40 minutes of class. She said she just cried and walked in small circles the entire class. I’m at a loss here. I’ve been doing all I can to prepare her and whatnot. So my mind is, of course, going through all the what if’s. Someone, please tell me she’s fine, and this will pass?! Please.

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It will pass. :pray:t3: It’s hard to witness as a parent, but she will be ok. I was a pre school teacher (now a school administrator) and I’ve seen it time and time again.

What you can do is remind her daily that she’ll be there for a few hours and talk about the fun things she enjoys about school and that you’ll pick her up at X time.

As far as the eating, she might not be eating at school right now but she will eventually. Have the teacher offer her her snack throughout the day as well. A healthy child will eat when their hungry. They might wait a while to do so, but eventually will eat.

Sending prayer for your baby girl :two_hearts::pray:t3: This is the hardest for parents, but I promise she’ll be ok.

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Have you thought of keeping her home? Is online school an option where you live?

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Bring favorite blanket or toy?

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It will pass, I promise. I had one of my girls that screamed her way through preschool for a month. I was giving up hope and then one day, it stopped. On a dime. She looked at me one morning and said “I’m not going to cry at school anymore, Mom”. Craziest thing, she never did again. Just try to be as consistent and positive as possible. It will get better…

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She may not be emotionally ready for it. If you can keep her home I hope you do. My girls were chalk and cheese. Oldest was fine, youngest home til nearly 5

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It will pass. In the mean time will school not let you pick her up after an hour. Then make pickup slightly longer until she is there the full two hours 40minutes.

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such a fab idea - draw a heart on your hand and your little one’s, charge it up by holding hands and tell them that if they feel sad or miss you while at school to press the hug button and it will send you a hug - likewise, you can send your little one a big squeeze by touching the heart on your hand

Does she have autism-Asperger? Sometimes kids with autism have a hard time transitioning. I know because my son has autism.

Sometimes I think we send kids to school too soon. I never went to school until first grade. Kindergarten wasn’t a thing back then. Four years they are still a baby.

Talk to a professional. Behavioral specialists. They can help.

If its that bad I would ask for a reduced timetable and concentrate on doing bits and building it up. Have you tried a reward chart for the time she does spend in school not being upset?

My daughter did the same thing all the way through half of kindergarten. She’s been just fine ever since. 5th grade now and was so excited to go back to school this year. Are you a SAHM? It could be separation anxiety. That was my daughter’s issue

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does she need to be there because you have to work? If not then stop making her go! If you need to work then find a different situation for her. Something is obviously not right there for her.


Call your local school district and ask for the school psychologist to do an evaluation to see if she can go their for the special services pre k and they will be able to help her with coping skills and such

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Make her say a word from her feelings,don’t be hash on that because her problem is dealing with her inside her .being silent is dangerous!

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Do they wear masks? If so that can be scary for a 4 year old not seeing everyone’s face in a new environment. My son had a hard time adjusting because we moved when he was 4 and he had to start at a new school where he didn’t know anyone. We used lego’s to symbolize us and he would keep one and I would keep one when we were apart, and then connect them when we were together. Or if she has to wear a mask, you could kiss the inside of it and tell her she has “kisses from mommy all day to get her through”. Corny, I know, but it might work.


It’s separation anxiety, it’ll get better and get worse every year.

Ask her questions it is weird that the teacher is not getting her calmed down was a preschool teacher maybe look for a new place

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I would give her something of yours that she can hang on to during the school hours each day she goes !! Tell her you’re always with her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: