My daughter dislikes tummy time: Advice?

I’m struggling with getting my daughter to do tummy time!! She absolutely hates it and will only do it for maybe a minute at a time. She is three months old, and I just know how important it is! Advice? Suggestions??


Just keep trying it. Dont force it. She will adjust in time

At the beginning they all hate it, they still need to build their core hence why it’s a bit uncomfortable to them, just keep trying little by little for just a few minutes a day. :heart:


I tried a ton of things and really the only thing that worked for my baby was putting her on my belly and entertaining her enough to spend some time on her tummy.

Try and make her comfortable and place some toys in front of her possibly with lights, music, anything with noise to keep her interested.


My grandson was like that with him we found after talking with his pediatrician that it causes a little pain and more if he has a full belly at the time and he told us to try doing it a hour before or after he eats and to also try just a diaper and t-shirt to be sure his clothes aren’t pinching him or to snug and be sure to put down a couple of soft toys and try laying down next to him well after a few weeks he’s doing great just not sure which advise really help.:rofl:

Mine hated it then to, but after a few mths they tend to start crawling

Mine hated it as well, but her doctor also told us that holding them in your arms, facing away from you (head resting in the crook of your elbow, tummy on your forearm) also counts as tummy time. That helped a lot in the begining

Shes only 3 mo. Chill n give her space. She will get used to it but forcing it on her all day will only make her hate it more. Do it once a week n build up.


Even if its just for a min, place her onto her tummy & the secret is to roll her over onto her back ‘just’ at that point where she starts to feel uncomfortable…don’t wait for her to get upset…distract her, then roll her back onto her tummy again when she’s in a good mood …repeat the process a few times a day, (like a game) she’ll get used to her spacial awareness & learn to turn herself…Providing ‘Tummy time’ is crucial for babies especially as at night when their able to roll over in their cots, as it also it encourages the head control🙂

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A min ti.e is ok for a 3 month old she will increase time

What in hell is tummy time ?

I had two children. Never heard of tummy time. If she doesn’t like it. Leave her be. She’ll still bond with you in other ways.

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My daughter would only lay on her belly on Me bc she would throw up other wise. Don’t force it the baby will be ok. Don’t be so rough on yourself and go with the flow.

My son hated it too. I would flip him back over after he started fussing. Don’t stress it mama. It’s normal. No need to torture her by forcing it. Just keep trying. She’ll be holding herself up and crawling before you know it.

I’ve never heard of Tommy time and I have 2 grown kids. What’s the purpose?

Give it time. My son was the same way

My daughter was the same way. Just have patience and keep at it. She’ll get used to it.

When they get angry they get the best work out. Turn on some music and let her get pissy

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