My daughter dislikes tummy time: Advice?

Lay her down on your chest while you lay on your back. Baby gets that safe feeling and still gets in tummy time.
(She’ll get to where she’ll do it on her own, and it counts even on your chest. My kids’ pediatrician confirmed it lol)


My son was the same so I would just put him on his back. Eventually he started rolling over onto his stomach

Hold her against you and have her look up at you, does the same thing

So my daughter is 5 months old. I stopped listening to the “they’ll get used to it and just keep trying” advice. Some babies do NOT like tummy time. I’m not going to sit there and watch my infant scream and cry and force her to do it. I stopped doing tummy time and only tried once every few days. She almost immediately started crying. Eventually I had her on her back on her activity mat watching Cocomelon while I was washing bottles and I came back and she had tried to roll over onto her tummy. She screamed once she did it. She still hates it and rolls over on purpose and still screams and I roll her back onto her back. She still learned how to roll. She’s starting to learn how to sit with assistance. Don’t let ANYONE tell you to keep forcing your baby to do it if they don’t like it. They will absolutely still hit their development milestones. They’ll do things when they’re ready. Like obviously yeah try once a week at least but I mean…they’ll sort it out themself. My child is advanced and almost never does tummy time. It’ll be okay!

Google alternates to tummy time there’s several

My daughter hated it with a passion lol, she had Severe reflux and colic so we didn’t do it she sat up fine she holded her head fine she crawled fine and walks fine don’t worry about it x

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My baby would roll right onto her back every time I gave her tummy time lol

Oh mine hated it too. Always screamed during it for months and months finally until she was old enough to sit up and everything (like 8 months). Some kids just hate it :cry:

Lay on your back and let her do tummy time on your chest


When ur sat on ur sofa pjt your legs up feet flat on sofa and lay her tummy down on your legs. I used to do this with my lg and she loved it and would just watch tv or fall asleep but helps with tummy time and helps them gain strength in the neck xxx

She’s still new and getting used to things!
Try putting a mirror down so she can see herself.
Always, take a rest and try again later.
Don’t feel defeated, you’re doing great!

My daughter hated it in all forms, so I didn’t do it… she turned out fine. doing tummy time with your baby on your chest helps if they hate it, mine still hated it. Good luck mama.


My daughter did as well but she is still stronger than ever! She will be fine couple minutes a few times a day is totally okay!

Tummy time isn’t just being on the floor. My kids preferred to be on my chest during. Anything thing that encourages them to pick their head up and start to use there arms will work. You got this just think outside of the box.

I lay down and lay mine on my chest and let her do her tummy time like that. As long as they are working their muscles it’s good.


My daughter ended up having tongue and lip ties and the tongue tie actually was causing her pain when in the position. She enjoyed tummy time after we got her ties revised.

My oldest HATED it. So I didn’t force it. She didn’t roll over until She was like 7 months old. Didnt walk until she was 14 months old. Docs were never concerned. And guess what? She’s a happy, Healthy, perfect 11 yr old. No baby is the same


All 3 of my babies HATED tummy time. They are ALL fine and ALL have met milestones with no hesitation or issues! Don’t force it! Have her do it for the minute or two she’s willing and let it be

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What exactly do you mean because to be honest with you just leave her . Does she only lift her head for a minute or she only stays on her tummy for a minute period is she rolling over already or do you pick her up

Daughter is 6 months still hates tummy time except on her changing table. :roll_eyes: but she has been sitting up unassisted since 4 months and can stand holding onto things unassisted for a few minutes. She also rolls over when she wants!