My daughter dislikes tummy time: Advice?

Stick with it. Do a little longer each time and make sure there are toys to keep her entertained. Also try putting a little mirror near her so she can see.

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What I’ve found that helps is put baby on your chest/ stomach and you recline your body. Baby might just want the warmth and connection.

Sit in a chair and lay baby along your thighs.

Lay baby on couch and you sit on floor with toys or books. It’ll help distract baby and you’ll be at their level.

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Sorry…why is it important?? I don’t remember doing it with mine at all :joy:

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Just keep working with her everyday on it an keep it constant. When she is done pick her up an tell her she did a good job. I babysit a little boy who was the same way he didnt like being on his tummy at 4mnths old but after about two wks of working with him an having his toys where he could reach them he eventually loved tummy time an now I cant keep him off the floor😂an he is a 1yr old.

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My daughter also hated that lol never did that but I let her roll over and ‘toss’ around in bed & she turned out just fine started sitting down unsupported at 5mos, started standing up with support around 8mos. Your daughter will be fine, babies are different from each other.

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My son hated it until we got him a tummy time mat you fill up with water that had little foam aquatic animals in to move around


You can sit her on your lap to make her back stronger, try skin to skin laying down. She is still on her tummy. Also, when she is on her back, talk to her. Roll her over on her tummy for as long as she will tolerate and then back to being on her back. I also talked to them throughout this process. All of my kids hated it.

Carried my baby on his tummy around the house and placed him in front of the tv as he looked up at the visual and sounds. We don’t watch alot of tv so it was basically the only reason we watched it.

It’s fine. Let her adjust to it on her own time. My son hated it too until recently and it hasn’t affected anything, as he started crawling about a month after fully getting into tummy time(he is 8 months)

the natural way to do tummy time is to carry your baby on your chest–easy and you can get stuff done!

Mine liked to do tummy time on mom or dad’s chest. Or on the boppy

I did tummy time with my baby on my tummy. On the couch. On a pillow. I hated the floor because she would throw her head down. My niece hated tummy time as well but she walks just fine now at 17 months. :woman_shrugging: I say still do it, because it is important, but do it for that minute in the morning and do it for that minute in the evening everyday. Try it on your tummy or a softer surface, and always play with her during it!

My daughter was the same way but she’s been holding her head up on her own since birth. She is now 18 months old and happy and healthy and I have another daughter on the way and she loves kissing her baby (my belly)

Try tummy time on your tummy! Mine also hated it but on me she loved it and so did I

Please don’t forget about BabyNet! It is a free service from the State of South Carolina! We help to meet development milestones…it is important that she does tummy time which leads to head lifting, rolling, and affectively rolling to crawling. I am an Early Interventionist…pm if you want more assistance!

You can do tummy time by laying her on your chest while laying on your back. Also, provide toys and stimulation and talk to her and play with her as she does it so that she will learn to associate tummy time with having Mom’s undivided attention.

My oldest HATED tummy time. Until he finally was able to reach toys and such he’s 2 now, my youngest is 3 months and he doesn’t mind it after a bit he fusses but he does really well! Just keep trying for little bits at a time!

Mine hated tummy time just keep at it every day for at least 5 min 3-4 times a day. Consistency is key now all she wants to do is be on the floor she is now 5 months but started rolling over as early as 3 months because I kept at it . Best of luck mama.

My son is 6 months and hates it after about 3 minutes!
Rolls from back to tummy then gets stuck and my god will you know about it​:woman_facepalming:t4::rofl::rofl: he’s never been a fan since tiny he’d either get mad or fall asleep after not even 5 minutes hha!
But also his neck is super duper strong and can hold his head etc, he likes it more laying on mums tummy!
Maybe try laying down on your back with her on your tummy, that’s what I do just so he’s getting in some tummy time lol

I sit reclined and put my 10 week old on my chest (he is 15 lbs so we don’t baby wear much anymore). Or my older two will play with him on the floor when he is on his boppy pillow or play mat.