My daughter failed her hearing test and we think it was due to wax build up: Thoughts?

My daughter is in kindergarten and failed both hearing tests. She was referred to the audiologist. He determined she has conductive hearing loss in the right and possibly the left. We took her to her pediatrician and holy cow, were they successful in clearing out some serious ear wax build-up!! Now we have an RX for ear drops, along with Flonase. The doctor says he seriously believes the wax build-up is the culprit for her failing her hearing tests after treatment; we’ll reschedule for her to take the tests again. If your kiddos have experienced this, please let me know, is the ear wax build up a recurring issue, or was it just something that needed to be cleaned, and then it’s fine moving forward. The doctor says it’s rare to see it recurring, but I want to know anyone else’s experiences if you’re willing to share. Thank you!!


My son has horrible problem with the ear wax and it is a reoccurring thing and it definitely affects his hearing he has to go every few months to get them cleaned out so yes and answer to your question is that definitely could affect her hearing

My brother went through the same thing. It was the ear wax.

She will need tubes in her ears. My daughter has them. She is currently on her second set

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Definitely go back for retesting i literally fought for a year because my daughter failed her test they swore she had no fluid in her ears n she was just at loss of hearing but no explanation on why all of a sudden she failed! They decide to put tubed in n sure enough fluid was trapped in her ear where they couldn’t see!!!

When I was younger, I had to get my ears cleaned alot. My ped recommended that my parents pour warmed up oil into my oil to loosen the wax

My daughter has a lot of wax build up too.We go a few times a year for the doctor to clean them out.Don’t use q-tips.I’d also see about a allergy medicine.

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You would think an audiology dept and ENT would have the wherewithal to check for otic obstructions prior to testing hearing. Apparently they failed to do so, resulting in additional charges, probably by design

My youngest had some pretty bad wax build up and it is recurring. I have to take an ear wax scraper and clean his ears out at least once a week to make sure it doesn’t get bad again. Also we put peroxide in his ears at least once a week. Helps so much.

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If I dont clean my ears every day then they are so bad. I’ve gotten to where I have to clean them twice a day

Ask about tubes my son had to have them put in at 1 because he kept fluid and wax buildup so bad it caused ear infection

I’ve had wax build up over and over. Once a month I fill my ears with organic olive oil and plug with cotton overnight. It works wonderfully. Its doctor recommended. I haven’t had an issue since and I no longer use Q tips.

Also if you’re not seeing an ENT for testing like this, it’s likely to be faulty.

The audiologist I used to work with wouldn’t test if he saw wax

They may need tubes in the 80s I always had to go have a machine suck out my ear wax. I was around 4. The Dr told my GMA if u didn’t have tubes I would be completely deaf with in a year. So I had tubes. I have lost a lil amount of gear ng in one ear . Nothing to noticable. Lol. I sleep on my good ear. Helps muffle sounds. But if your children have over excessive ear wax build up on a regular basis along with ear infections often. Tubes are the way to go

Id ask for tubes. My 13yr and 9yr just had their tubes removed that they got around 15mo, my 6yr and 5yr just got tubes put in and my 10yr and 8yr have hearing aides bcuz of hearing loss. Goodluck!

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My kid failed hers at the doc bc we had the windows down and the music blasting :joy::joy::joy:
Retook it the next visit and she passed with flying colors


Wax continuously builds up but I would think the ENT would of looked in the child’s ears :woman_shrugging:t2:


Well 1st just breathe, it’s not the end of the world. Just take the steps the Dr. advises & if by some chance she’s deaf just remind yourself that when they grow up they don’t really listen to us anyways. Be positive, stay positive, life’s not always easy.


I have ear wax build up. It doesn’t affect my hearing or my kids’ hearing.