My daughter freaks out at bedtime: Advice?

Needing help with my one-year-old daughter, she has started to fight sleep extremely bad no Matter if it’s nap time or bedtime, she will scream and cry, kick and bend backward throw herself backward…. I’ve tried baths, lotion zerbes bedtime spray got the swing back out see if that would help. I’m a firm believer in letting them cry it out to a point but right now, with the temporary living situation, I can’t do that my son was never like this please help


Melatonin is a life saver about 25 to 30 mins before bed it is what causes natural sleep. I use it in the summer with my son because he gets so over tired that he can’t aleep…30 mins after i give it to him he is out for the night.

Melatonin is terrible as your body quits making as much naturally when give a supplement. How old is your child? Bc if they’re still in a swing, it sounds fairly young. At least under 1 or around 1ish. They have sleep regression stages, but they’ll get through them as long as you are persistent. It sucks and it’s stressful, but this too shall pass


My son does this I have a natural roll on lavender and chamomile essential oil u roll in the bottom of their feet their chest and the back of their neck and I also have the aroma diffuser and put the lavender and chamomile essential oil just a few drops in the water u put in the diffuser and I have noticed it helps tons when he goes they his sleep regression stages I got the roll in essential oil in the baby section at walmart and I also bought my diffuser and essential oil for it at walmart

I give my one year old melatonin bath they have it right at Walmart I got the bath and body and the lotion it doesn’t hurt them

Melatonin only makes my girls WAY WORSE. I opt for not using it personally with my boy it’s great. They’re both almost 1 & 1/2 and the tantrums dont get any better. They exhaust themselves to go to sleep bath time doesnt work, fullbellys, love galore and it’s still bad. Best of luck mama I know its stressful and exhausting but it wont be this way forever

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Calpol plug in! It’s a life saver and works amazing trust me go get one

Lavender scent should help.

Sounds like an overtired baby. Try aiming for an earlier bedtime.

She’s still little. Cuddle up in bed with her until she falls asleep?


My daughter was the same, she did it for nearly a year. I couldn’t cuddle her cos she would get worse. Just had to wait it out and keep checking on her. She’s 3 now and started just before she turned 2. I got her a bigger bed which helped her feel more grown up and I hardly have any issues at bed mtime now :slight_smile:

Cradle her until she falls asleep !! She wants her mommy and you are the safe place for her. Also, nighttime soothing music helps too :blush:


What time does she go to bed? It’s possible she needs an earlier bedtime. At one, I put my kids to bed at 7 and they slept well. Sleep begets sleep. :slightly_smiling_face:


A big growth spurt/ sleep regression at this age. Quite normal.
Try adjusting nap/bedtimes and gaps between them
Banana before bed
Check if hot or cold
Maybe doesn’t like new room since you’ve moved? Sit in the room with her until asleep but don’t rock if you want to step away from that.

Someone suggested cherry juice but I don’t know if it works. I would lay down with mine at that age and close my eyes. I would pretend like I’m sleep until the child was deep sleep. Also lay blanket over carseat and rock the seat back and forth

My daughter is five and still fights sleep. She thinks she’s going to miss something. She hates naps as well. (Is she doesn’t get one she gets an attitude problem XD)

Don’t forget you’re asking her to do what most adults can’t do
It took me about 15 months to get my son into a proper routine and sleeping by himself
He’s 2 and a bit now and a good little sleeper and I can put him in bed awake and leave him to fall asleep himself but on the nights he needs an extra cuddle then I’ll stay with him a bit longer
If you’ve moved the change of location might have freaked her out a bit and your her constant, her safe place, go easy on her. Just because you let her fall asleep with you doesn’t mean she’ll never sleep in her own bed
No point in comparing her to your son as every kid is different

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My son is about the same age and did the same thing. We pushed his bed time and naps a little later in the day and let himself out more playing first and it worked! We also make sure he has a snack about 30 minutes before and that helped a lot too


Temporary living situation? Is there new stress in the family? Has there been a disruption to routine? Cuddle time…you’ll miss these years

Shes afraid she will miss something. Rock her to sleep in her room with a blanket tucked around her. Tell her a story, sing a song, rub her back and stroke her hair. One day she won’t be so little anymore.