My daughter gets horrible stomach pains that her doctor does not seem concerned about: Advice?

My daughter, nearly seven yo, gets a horrible upset stomach every few weeks. She’s so nauseous and has spent nights by the toilet scared to leave it in case she gets sick. Her Dr. doesn’t ever seem to take it seriously. This has been going on for almost two years pretty regularly. About every other month, she’s miserable for a few days. We’ve taken her to the ER, and they always say she’s constipated but never do any tests. I’m sure she gets backed up sometimes, but this doesn’t seem like just that alone. I’ve tried limiting milk products, but that hasn’t seemed to help or change anything. Sometimes she’ll run a slight fever, sometimes not one at all. Has anyone else experienced something like this?


Have you taken her to a pediatric gi


Has she seen GI? Sounds like she needs to see a specialist. Also she needs a new doctor who will listen


Go see a Gastreonologist dr.

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How old?? Sounds like what i get at pms time… if she 9 or older get her lady parts ultra sound.


Anxiety often presents as stomach aches in children


Could be find allergies…my daughter had stomach pain is allergic to eggs and sesame seed…got diagnoised by a GI doctor

CVS. (chronic vomiting syndrome)

Does she ever actually vomit or have diarrhea? Have you tried a diary… food and events to see if something triggers it? I say events because anxiety/nerves can cause horrible nausea. Also when she has had it and taken to the ER have they ever done a CT scan to actually prove she is constipated? Is the pain in one area? Or “all over”? Keep a diary and document all these things. It will not only help you to remember from one event to the other but will give you something to actually show the doctor.

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Rendy Munson does this sound what you went through?

Stomach aches in children are often headaches. My son had this for a short time. Every test including stool sample was negative. He eventually out grew them but gets headaches now.

My daughter was like that for months . I would take her in to her Dr. no concern after taking her to specialists the said it was IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) . She is now 21 and occasionally good but as a child she was in constant pain doctors would give her medication just to subside the pain

I agree with seeing a GI.

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Sounds like gastritis … My oldest had it and it was awful… They gave us liquid heart burn meds…

Have her pediatrician run blood test. Also see that she is tested for Sickle Cell disease. Cut a lot of meat out of her diet until she is diagnosed. Praying for her :pray:t5:.

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Yes we have. And yes it’s chronic constipation for us, as confirmed by X-ray. Miralax, fiber supplements, water and a lot of talk about our poop and toilet habits.

It has also helped for us to listen to positive meditation in you tube at bedtime.

Look up low FODMAP foods if you want to start getting handle on her diet and what’s likely to trigger upset tummy.

And journal her daily. Ie…symptoms, emotional health, any tests coming up at school, what did she eat that day.


Change the doctor as this one doesn’t seem to care enough to order test done


As a youngster no dr knew what was wrong with me. As I got older, I was diagnosed with IBS.

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Insist on a CT scan!

Has she been tested for Crohn’s disease yet? I would rush to a GI ASAP and get some testing done