My daughter got a rash after drinking grape juice: Thoughts?

So yesterday I gave my daughter grape juice. Red grape. It had red dye 40 in it. She broke out in a horrible rash on her butt, and her cheeks broke out. Has anyone had a child with a similar reaction? The odd thing is she can drink red Koolaid and is fine.


Perhaps it’s more of an allergy to artificial grape flavoring than red dye 40 if red Koolaid contains the same dye?

If she can drink something else with red 40 and is fine, that is not the component of the grape juice she is allergic to. It’s a different ingredient.

Also grape juice can be a form of laxative in children and can cause them to break out. I found this out because it happened to my daughter as well.

Might be a preservative. I get hives from some apple juices.

Talk to your peds doc, we aren’t schooled to diagnose


Red dye can cause UTI’s also…very strange reaction but it happens.

Facebook vs Pediatrician…hmmmmm


If it is hives from consuming the juice I would think it would not be confined to one or two areas. Maybe a doctor is your best bet!

My daughter couldn’t have any juice whatsoever…

Yes many reactions apple juice soft drinks give her water

I wouldn’t think it the dye if red koolaid has the same. And I’m guessing shes in Pampers still if it effected her behind, so it isn’t processed by the body at all. Like most fake things.
Get an allergy test for her. What’s a slight rash now can become worse with exposure

HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! Geeezzzzzz !!! Call tbe doctor… These people are not experts !!!

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How old is your Daughter.?! Call Dr or a medical line and ask ?? Good luck to u.

Some juices are just too strong. Do half water. And giving kids koolaid is nasty.

Get her tested for food allergies & Don’t settle for food with junk in it. Find juice that’s really 100% juice , and not “created” with a bunch of unnatural created in a chemistry lab ingredients. If you can’t say it spell it define it - stop eating it all the time. The Food part of the FDA is a joke. Sure all these “chemistry lab” ingredients are “safe” in limited quantities… Their version of “safe” is ignorance is bliss - and it’s not their problem if you exceed the “safe” amount in a day. They don’t factor in that most people eat those things countless time’s a day. They are safe 1 time. Not 15. So if you have your"safe" amount of red 40 in a bottle of gatorade in the morning - that’s it. the twizzlers you ate before lunch, and the fake strawberry filling in the donut you had, and that soda you drank later, and then the artificially colored/flavored doritos you eat before dinner, and that Nestle Quik Strawberry milk you drank, and artificially flavored/colored Keebler cookies you eat after dinner, and those artificially colored/flavored iced animal crackers you snack on late night, & that artifically colored cereal you had for breakfast - all that “artificle” color exposure beyond the first “safe” time you ate it that day - is at your own risk, and not still “safe”. 1 serving of bullshit ingredients is deemed “safe” eating that bullshit ingredient 10 times a day - is of no concern to them, you chose to exceed what’s deemed safe, and that’s not their problem…

Juices are acidic. So. It could also be an allergy. Talk to her pediatrician. Etc. You may need to see an allergist.
My youngest would get horrible, bleeding diaper rash when she ate peas. (As an example). She loves peas- but, for whatever reason (mild allergy?) the moment it came out as waste and came in contact with her skin- it was a problem. She’s 5 now. Still adores peas. No problems anymore because- potty trained.
Bring it up with the pediatrician. They’ll sort it out for you.

Allergic reaction I’d think ? Ask pediatrician -my daughter had food allergic reaction once causing a race to emergency room n epi pen

She’s allergic! You don’t know what else is in it. Allergy testing first off. Get her to the Dr!

Have you changed laundry soap or fabric softener? New furniture with scotch guard? Her BUTT CHEEKS only sound like something irritating her when she sits. If nothing has changed then you can look into an allergy tests. I suspect it’s something you changed and her sensitive skin is telling you to go back to the old. New underwear not washed before wearing or even new clothes from foreign countries are coated in additives to ward off moths and so on in shipping.