My daughter has a cold in both eyes: How can I help?

My 2-year-old has a cold in both eyes she is getting the nasty gunk in both of them they aren’t pink, so I don’t think it is pink eye, but it was swollen last night, and today it has all that nasty stuff on her eyes any tips or anything on what I can do to help? It says the drops the Drs give you will make it last longer.


It’s probably pink eye. You can use distilled water and cotton balls. Wet the ball and wipe from the inside of eye (nose side) out. Only wipe once per cotton ball and throw away.

Uh take her to the doctor


An oral decongestant and rinse with regular saline

Sounds like conjunctivitis

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It’s pinkeye most likely. I just had it myself.

Could still be conjunctivitis or a sinus infection take her to the Dr

I would take her to the Dr. It probably is pink eye. Just because it’s called pink eye doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be pink. If they are swollen and especially if they have lots of gunk, most likely it’s pink eye.

Are you sure they aren’t just clogged tear ducts?

Me personally… I put breastmilk in their eyes to help with infection.

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You don’t get a cold in your eyes… it’s most likely pink eye, take her to the doctor and use the eye drops they prescribe.

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Could be many things. I would take her to an ophthalmologist to be properly diagnosed and given proper treatment options.

Take her to a doctor

Maybe check with your doctor…

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Steak on eye helps. It did for me

My daughter just got over this. It wasnt pink eye. It was just a virus and she was draining from her eyes. Warm wash cloth to wipe them clean

U can try chloromex ophthalmic ointment, I use it on myself, as well on my kids for cold in the eye

Pink eye our 2 yr old had it 2x. Recently

My daughter had that and it was NOT pink eye. It was a head cold. Her pediatrician had me do steam showers to loosen it ( shes 3 and she just played by the sink while shower was running. ). Humidifier at night and warm rag to wipe her eyes. It lasted 2 days and cleared up

Warm washrag, try to keep it on for a few minutes. Will help clean up also. If her eyes are red or pink you should take her to the dr.

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