My daughter has a milk allergy and we are waiting on a GI: Advice?

My daughter almost two months old she has a cows milk allergy, so I had to stop breastfeeding, and she is still pooping blood and has a lot of mucus in her poop we are waiting to see a GI about it they’ve already done Xrays and a test to see if she had an infection, but everything came back normal I was just wondering if any other moms had a similar experience or may know what’s going on!

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My youngest had this same issue we had to out her on Nutramagin it worked very well

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Jello water fruit flavor

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Try her on soy formula in the meantime

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How does a cows milk allergy have anything to do with your breast milk? Can’t you just stay away from dairy while nursing?

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Why would you have to stop breastfeeding for a cow’s milk allergy? Just don’t consume dairy.

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Both my children were allergic to milk. I had to change them to soya milk and make sure that that the food that they ate where milk free. They had to see a dietician who gave me a list of what to feed them. My son was a year old and my daughter was around 7 months old. Please see what your doctor advises because my children are grown up now and they are absolutely fine with dairy products. Your doctor may know a formula that is more suitable and also you may be able to get It on prescription.

Both my kids had to be on soy formula. Might be an option to explore once you speak to the pediatrician.

If your breastfeeding you need to take out everything and start with one type of food. How do you know ifs cows milk have you seen an neonatal allergist? They wont test usually till 2 yrs old.

Mucus is ok in some cases. A pediatric GI doc should be able to assist. Try different formulas for at least 3 weeks. My Goddaughter had horrible reflux

We had to put my baby on Nutramigen.

What does cows milk have to do with breastfeeding I’m confused.

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When I had my babies two of my children Especially my son experience the same thing. He was pooping pure blood and mucus. And screaming in pain. I went to a GI specialist at Hasbro Children’s Hospital Rhode Island. At 2 weeks old they had to do a colonoscopy on him the answer we got was he had a milk protein allergy. even if we tried using soy formulas they still had the milk protein in it. I had to get a special formula based on amino acids. I also was unable to breastfeed anymore.

I had a severe allergy to dairy. My mom was able to continue breast feeding, she just had to cut dairy out of her diet. She did have to use formula for a few weeks untill it was all out of her system.

As a mom that has a baby with severe food allergies, colic and silent reflux. There is a few key components here. Babies that have a milk allergy are at higher risk of a soy allergy and other protein allergies (diary, soy, wheat, eggs, etc) unless you have had a baby with these issues you can’t fathom the helplessness you feel when your baby is screaming, riving in pain and there is visual blood in there stool/vomit. When your in the midst of this, you don’t always have time for your body to process the proteins out. It can take up to 4 weeks.

I highly recommend asking your pediatrician for an amino acid based formula (neocate or elecare) to heal your babies tummy first and if you want to go back to breastfeed you have time to adjust your diet without hurting your little one.

Anyone struggling with this can always message me to talk or I can point then to a few mom groups that deal with this same thing everyday :heart:


My daughter was born around 30 years ago. She couldn’t tolerate any formula with milk or soy in it. She had blood in her diaper. Her abdomen would get stiff, and she would scream in pain She was put on a very restrictive formula called Pregestimal. By the time she was a year old she was able to tolerate all dairy products and hadno dietary restrictions.

My son had the same thing happen. His gi doc started him on elecare jr… solved all his problems… best milk ever

My daughter needed goat milk from about a month old. It was amazing and she thrives on it

My son ended up being lactose intolerant x

Nutramagin milk is what they put my child on for that

Cows milk and breast milk are two different types of milk. Is probably something you eating