My daughter has a tongue tie: Advice?

My daughter is just over 2 months old. She’s been struggling lately with breast and bottle. I just discovered she is lip tied. Can and should it be fixed at this age? Will she outgrow it?


Seek a pediatric dentist

Have it revised. You’ll just need to see a pediatric dentist. They’ll release it with a laser.

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Do you have a picture?

My son had surgery at the age of 4 for this. Super simple, hardly any pain at all. It made everything so much better and easier for him. I’d recommend it.

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Simple surgery. My daughters tongue was clipped at 3 days old, her tie was affecting her eating also.

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Take her to the pediatrician

Won’t outgrow it- my husband is tongue tied. Doesn’t effect him at all now

Sometimes speech therapists can help

You also have the option not to fix it, all 4 of my kids have it and they are fine, make sure it’s your choice and not their doctors

They will have to decide if it’s necessary, so if she is struggling to eat then yes definitely do the surgery. My son’s is pretty bad, but since he was still able to bottle feed they didn’t do anything about it and he’s 4 now. I assume when he loses his front teeth they will have to cut it so his adult teeth don’t grow in gapped or crooked

Both of my sons had a frenotomy done at ENT office. Quick snip of frenulum.

Oral surgeon. The earlier it’s done the faster they recover. Super fast easy. My lil had it done. It’s an office procedure

More than likely won’t outgrow it. My son had lip and tongue done at 3
Weeks old and it’s made a ton of difference!

my daughter had a tongue and lip tie. we fixed her tongue tie when she was an itty baby but didn’t think the lip was necessary since nursing after the tongue tie was going well… then she started eating solids and food would get stuck up there and cleaning it sucked! she we had to get it revised. i would do it while she is little cause the healing sucked since she was eating food and it just liquids.

My son had a tongue tie. They wouldn’t fix it at the hospital so I had to take him to a specialist. They said that he could out grow it but he would stutter the rest of his life. I made them fix it at 5 months. Now he can nurse just fine

The earlier it is addressed and fixed, if needed, the less it will affect them. My niece had her tongue clipped at 2 and has no recollection of it.

We had our grandsons fixed at the local children’s hospital when he was 6 months old… He was a premie and the specialist wouldn’t sedate him till he gained some weight… Took litteraly all of 10 mins…we went home with in an hour and he was perfectly fine and happy

My eldest had a tongue tie, had it snipped at 3 weeks old, cried for 3 seconds, had a bottle and was fine. No speech impediments at all

My son had a lip tie breastfeed 9 months. I had to try different feeding positions. Football hold worked good. He is a little over one and it’s almost not noticeable anymore. And is saying words well for his age. Pediatrician definitely will guide in the right direction if you can’t make comfortable for both at home.