My daughter has been almost having accidents: Advice?

My daughter who’s 8, continues to run to the bathroom because she almost peed her pants. She says she didn’t feel like she has to go, and then all of a sudden, the feeling is so intense she’s running, she never actually pees herself and she doesn’t say it hurts to go or burns while going. She’s been like this for a few weeks, and it’s not because she’s too distracted by playing or anything. Should I be calling a dr asap or just kinda wait and see?


She could have a UTI

Take her to the dr she could have a UTI


It wouldn’t hurt to have her urine tested

Is she holding it so long that she suddenly has to run? Sometimes kids will get so “busy” they’ll hold til the last minute.
Otherwise, definitely see the Dr. The only way to know for sure what’s going on.
Edit: sorry I just reread your post…so no not distracted… Go to Dr.

I would take her in just so they can make sure she is all good. Sometimes a UTI won’t have symptoms till it’s a crazy bad infection.

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Take her ASAP she could have type 1 Diabetes. Keep an eye out for leg cramps and wetting the bed at night. My husband was diagnosed at 14.


Bladder infections don’t always hurt. I’ve had a few that didn’t. Wouldn’t hurt to have it checked out. One good sign of one is to pee in a clear glass jar after cleaning to make sure toilet paper doesn’t get in it.If you see tissue particles floating around in the urine it is a infection.


Call the dr… could be a uti or anything

If she’s thirsty too it could be diabetes. Definitely call doctor.

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Call the doctor could still be her kidneys

This happened to my daughter. If didn’t hurt still has an UTI

Sounds like a UTI to me. I never had painful uti’s mine were always just the sudden urge to pee constantly. I’d have her checked out to be safe. Especially since it’s relatively new behavior that’s been persistent.

I would give her grape and cranberry juice and be calling set up.a doctor appointment.

UTIs and bladder infections don’t always have the same symptoms and don’t always hurt or burn. It could be several things. I’d ask her doctor.

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Have her tested for a UTI

Take her to the dr. Could be a multitude of things but we aren’t doctors and can’t run tests to find out.

Sounds like a UTI. My granddaughter has the same issue and also says no pain/discomfort but each time it’s a UTI.

She could be nutrient deficient if she is peeing a lot. She may need minerals and potassium.

I would take her to the doc. She could have a kidney infection or a bladder infection