My daughter has been complaining of stomach pain and I am at a loss: Advice?

I’m at a loss on what to do or where to go to help my daughter. She’s six years old, and for months she has been complaining a few times a week about a stomach ache. I’ve taken her to her pediatrician, and she said it’s her diet. So I changed her diet, more fruits, more protein, and iron, she only drinks water, lemonade and some juices, never pop. But lately, it seems like it’s progressing because I’ve been called to her school twice because she’s been crying about her stomach and she says it hurts so bad she can’t walk. Usually, children’s Motrin will help her for a little while. Again went to her doctor, and she said she could just be wanting my attention, but I really don’t think that is the case because she has my attention seven days a week. I work when she’s in school so I can be home with her, so she has my attention all the time. Has anyone else had these issues with their kids, or does anyone know what this could possibly be? I want to find some sort of another doctor to check her out, but I don’t even know what type of doctor to look for! Please help.


Take her to a specialist. A gastroenterologist. They specialize on these issues. Always get a second opinion.


Anxiety can present as a stomachache in children. Also food allergies


A pediatric gastroenterologist. My son had the same issues and was finally diagnosed with IBS w/constipation even though he goes to the bathroom every single day.

Have you thought about getting the gallbladder checked

My child uses exlax and mirlax we use a stomach specialist

Try getting a referral to a gastroenterologist and see what they say. She could have ibs


Could be acid reflux. Could be alot of things, but if this doctor isn’t going to actually help, get a new one that listens


Gastrointestinal Specialist!!! Make that appointment sooner then later…


She needs a gastroenterologist, have your ped refer you to one.

Take her to mental health. Something’s bothering her, she might not know how to communicate it.


Motrin is upsetting to stomach all asprin is…n 2 it could be gerd…id ask to see gi

Could be gallstones, I had that as a child , and I’m in my 40s no and only just been diagnosed, I was told for years it was ibs ,

Gluten Allergy? My niece get like that if she has ate something that has gluten in even a bread crumb can cause it

Maybe being bullied or try a naturalopath

Another doctor for more checking of course. My son did have anxiety and stress that cause stomachache too and later migraines.

We had this same issue and did all kinds of tests with a pediatric gastroenterologist at Riley Childrens Hospital and it literally went away on it’s own. She actually grew out of it after a few months. I personally think it was anxiety presenting as stomach issues. We would have to leave restaurants because she was screaming how bad her stomach was hurting. Maybe give it some time, or go ahead and have your pediatrician refer you. Good luck.

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My son suffered with stomach issues for years and I kept a diary of when it was sore and what he had eaten, turned out it was dairy that was upsetting his stomach, eliminated it from his diet and he was much better.

This can often be a sign of anxiety in kids whereby the genuinely think they have a pain but there is no “medical” reason why. Play therapy can be very beneficial here as it helps them understand their emotions or things like drawing how her day was can give an insight. Its actually quite common in this age group as they adjust to school and all that it brings. Of course a second opinion could help also :blush:


You need to ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist or someone that deals with the stomach/intestines. Dont keep letting them dismiss you.