My daughter has been emotional at bed time: Advice?

Hi everyone! I could really use some insight on what’s been going on in my home lately. My daughter, Zola, is five (i have an eighteen-month-old too). A month ago, my daughter started getting really emotional around bedtime. She didn’t want to sleep in her bed. She didn’t want my husband or me to leave the room. At first, I tried comforting her as much as I could, but it didn’t seem to do much help. So after a few weeks of her crying for us, we moved her into our room. She’s cosleeping with us. She seems to be doing better. But during those weeks where she seemed anxious and emotional, I was worried! I’m still worried. I don’t know what happened to make her so sad to be sleeping in her room. All she says is that she misses mommy and daddy and wants to be close to us again. Sometimes i feel like I’m overthinking it. I’ve had a few friends tell me she’s going through something and she needs us. But i guess I can’t help but worry it’s something more, or I’m not doing enough for her. I was so adamant about having her stay in her room because I feared this would be some sort of regression to have her sleep with us again, so I worry about that. Y’All, motherhood is so hard! Thank you


Contact crisis intervention

I gave my daughter one of the tshirts I wore when she started the same thing. She could smell me as she fell asleep

It could have been a bad dream.

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She may need medication

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Just talk with your child listen n understand her… u will find out the cause if it’s serious… hopefully it’s some minor cause… there are many reasons to b worried about…

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But if it gets worse definitely talk with your dr

Did she start school this year? Our 6 year old has been trying to co sleep because as she says “i miss you all day whenI’m at school i need you”


How I helped anxiety from being in her room was to put baby in crib with her. The extra noise and life helped chase booger’s away. Just listen

You have another kid that might be the problem. She is realizing that you have to split your time and this is her way of getting it back


Maybe she feels jealous about your other kid . You know new babies get a lot of attention and older kids feel left out even if you treat them equally … sensitive kids don’t see it fair .


I think she feels alone thats why
Maybe because of the baby

Many children.seem to go through.this could it be night terrors? Have you tried leaving.her door a jar turn the hall light.on until.shes a sleep.sittingndown a talking to her about why she doesnt.want to sleep in her.own room because sleeping in your room cant go.on forever if all else fails speak to your pediatrician good luck

My daughter did that and she was having nightmares.

It may be that she’s missing having her mommy and daddy all to herself. I would try setting some special time aside just for her and Mom and dad. Make that time all about her and what she wants to do. Try this first before you run to put her on medications.


Let her sleep with the 18 month old. They will comfort each other.

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The fear of separation is a reality in their little minds ,they have real fear for various reasons ,and yes she is adjusting to the 18 month as well ,if you need to let her co sleep then do so ,atleast then you as parents and herself get some good sleep ,and a more happy family ,I feel there is to much pressure on modern day parenting for wanting a perfect child to adjust to different situations , emotional

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Make her room fun again she is feeling left out make a special date with u daddy n just her it will make a big difference I know she is five but she understands more than u think if u n daddy sit down n talk to her she will understand then u n daddy help her give her room a little makeover


In some societies such as in Thailand, families co-sleep a lot. She likely gets a feeling of security from this. Maybe at some point she can share a room with the baby. I don’t know if you are in the position to get a small pet, such as a dog or cat or bird for her to bond with. She may just feel lonely. This may be an odd idea…is it possible she is somewhat psychic and is picking up on energy in that room that was left there by a previous occupant? Airing out the room, then smudging is with sage smoke may help change the energy. Do you know what I mean by smudging?

Rub some lavender oil on her for her anxiety and try a night light