My daughter has been getting spots on her chest: Thoughts?

Hello, I have a 23-month-old girl, and about a week ago, she started getting a few spots on her chest. I thought it was the detergent or something like that, so I changed it, then they also spread to sides and back none below the waist and not really on her arms. The spots don’t seem to bother her as much as they bother me lol she has itches them a few times, and I’ve been tried hydrocortisone 1% cream. I’m not sure if it’s working or not. If it keeps going another week or gets worse, I’m going to take to the doctor but just wondered if any mamas have seen this


Just wait and see what your doctor says also a week seems a little long to be still waiting for the doctor- when your clearly concerned otherwise there wouldn’t be a post.
Just go to the doctor today, I’m sure it’s nothing serious.

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its winter it could be eczema or dry skin. i would try using lotion on it with the hydrocortizone


This time of year her skin could be just too dry… after her bath use some aveeno lavender baby lotion and put on all over

Excama my daughter did the same thing

There are so many things people will say. See a doctor. Could be chicken pox, allergies, bug bites, heat rash, eczema, etc.
If it bothers you, go to a walk in. And still have a follow up with the childs doctor

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Does it itch. If its eczema dryer sheets can aggravate as well as soft water.

Pictures would probably help.

If it’s been a week, then I would take her to the doctor.

Chicken pox, mumps, measles

Without seeing it we can’t really tell ya anything.

Could be prickly heat.

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In the summer time my daughter got this terrible rash from WATER. Fresh water, chlorine, tap water… Anytime she played in water or took a bath it got worse. Some days was worse than others. It stopped once the cool weather hit but her doctor had 0 answers. It wasnt an allergic reaction, eczema, etc. They didnt even recommend a cream cause it didnt bother her at all but bothered me! Your best bet is just see what the dr says and if it isnt bothering her it could just be one those “weird things” that happen. I know this is terrible advice but wanted to share my story that not all rashes and bumps have a bad outcome. Ill also add that it hasnt happened since September but it was consistent all through out the summer.

My son gets heat rash even in the winter

Tick bites can do this as well as bed bugs. Also scabies. Allergies as well. Take to dr. If she’s had any fever go to er.

Would you take a pic of just the rash and post here? It would be easier to help with suggestions. Has the baby been around anyone with communicable diseases that you know of?

My daughter has the same thing found out it’s karatosis pilaris (chicken skin)

Without seeing it, there’s no way to determine what it might be. If you’re concerned, take her to the doctor.

My son has a form of exma that are small spots on his arms they only get worse when he is sweaty or soaps washing powders etc sometimes hos skin get to used to a certain product

I have 2 kids that spots & blotches often. Sometimes we’ve never figured it out. Watch for other syntoms. Fever, vomiting, stiff neck etc anything weird. If other syntoms come up take her in. Otherwise I’ve always given Benadryl orally to help. Keep a record. You may find out it happens during the same seasons, foods, detergents (watch ingredients, changing detergent doesn’t mean you got rid of the allergy), soap (same as detergent) etc.