My daughter has been refusing to sleep in her crib: Advice?

My daughter is 19 months old, and all of a sudden refuses to sleep in her crib. A week ago, she woke up crying/screaming and wouldn’t go back in ever since. We’ve tried a new stuffed animal, keeping her door open a bit, rubbing her back, my boyfriend even lied in the crib with her and nothing is working. I’m scared she is going to get too used to sleeping in our bed. Help!!”


Following!! Same problem!!

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Time for a toddler bed maybe, get her excited about it. Let her pick the bedding and stuff.


Get her a toddler bed.
I did that with my son and it worked lol.

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Toddler bed time with safety rails and each time she gets out of the bed you take her back each time n sit outside her door and you repeat this until she goes to sleep yes she’ll cry n scream but if you want to kick this in butt now you can’t give in. Let her pick the bedding for it and some stuffed animals or a babydoll for the bed. Put some soothing music on too for her and try misting her room with lavender

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Toddler bed my middle daughter was climbing out at 25 months so got toddler bed and 2 baby gates on top of each other keep in room.

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Lower the crib mattress, take a rail off.

Just keep putting her back in her bed. Let her fall asleep with you and move her to her bed. If you are consistent it will eventually work. Don’t give up!

Toddler beds and get some cute bedding with a character or animal she loves.

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We took the front piece of crib off so he could get use to sorting like that, then we went to toddler

Turn her crib into a toddler bed

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It could be the mattress itself. My son was the same way for a few days. Then we flipped the mattress over (it was a 2 sided mattress. One side was for newborns and the other for toddler). He only wants to sleep in his crib now. Try that! Could also be teething or gas pains. Also, she might want water/juice/milk before bed. Our son won’t go to bed without at least water. Not sure if she’s using a binky but she could be missing that :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Switch rooms. Maybe shes scared of something unseen?

Try doing a toddler bed, she could be having night terrors too that made her scared of her crib

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Convert to a toddler bed, or get a toddler bed! She might feel boxed in and upgrading will be new and exciting!

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Have her play in her crib during the day while you’re in the room. Our pediatrician suggested this when my oldest didn’t want to be in her crib. It helped our daughter see it wasn’t a scary place.

Change her sheets with clean ones and check the mattress for snags or bugs. Maybe run some lavender in an essential oil diffuser

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Maybe teething and has nothing to do with the crib?

I had the crib that changed into a toddler bed but mine wouldn’t even sleep in it that way. I had to get them an actual bed. First night I laid down with them till they where a sleep. And worked like a charm.


I got a twin size bed for my son and I put it next to my bed in my room for a few months. I got a safety net on his bed from Walmart too. His bed was against the wall and my bed was next to his and I taught him From 12 months and now he sleeps on his bed in his room all night and he comes by me in the morning. It’s much more comfortable for them to have a toddler or twin size bed and you can put it in ur room first till they get used to it