My daughter has expressed that she likeds girls: Advice?

I’m 27 mothers of a six-year-old girl and three months pregnant right now. My 6 years old daughter likes girls. I have noticed this since she was four years old. She likes boy toys and clothes and liking spiderman iron man and sonic. Well, I let her choose what she wants anyway. For me, I feel like I want to let her have that freedom to do what she wants and like what she wants. But never thought it’d turn out too that she’ll like girls. When she was four years old, she told me a secret that she liked this girl in her class. It all started when this girl held her hand during their activities. Now she’s in kinder she told me another secret that she likes this girl and she told me she told her other friend, who is a girl, that she has a crush on their friend. btw, I used to like girls too when I was 10. that’s because I hated seeing women getting hurt by men (just what I would see in tv shows or movies), so I decided to act like a boy, then have crushes on girls. “So I could show to boys that this is how u supposed to love a woman.” my parents didn’t like it, though. My mom, because we were poor before, everything my brother didn’t use anymore was handed down to me, like boy clothes and toys. So for my parents, it was ok to wear or to play boys’ stuff, just stay as a girl. But when I turned 16 little by little, I started liking boys and now in love with my husband. What’s your opinion on this? I don’t know what to feel about this matter. I feel like I guess I’ll be ok with it, but at the same time, I feel like I’d like to change her.


Never change your child because YOU want to. Could be a phase she’s 6. Let her be her.


That last sentence. Don’t do that.


Don’t try to change her. She is 6. Let her keep on coming to you with secrets. Sounds like you have open communication with her and she trusts her mama soooo much. This is a critical moment on the trust front. Just keep going forward. No matter what. But lord dont try and change her.


“CHANGE HER”… Let her grow to he who she was born to be…rather it be liking girls or whatever. Changing her will basically tell her “I love you, but only under the condition that you date boys”.


Let her choose…it may just be a phase…
Don’t let bother you


Just be supportive. If it’s a phase or not, her happiness is more important. Don’t try to change her or it’ll adversely affect her self esteem because you don’t think she’s “right”


Advice? Act exactly as you would if she liked boys. She either will continue to like girls or realize she likes boys or maybe she likes both but one thing she will know (hopefully) is that her mom loved her through it all, the same, no matter what.

My 7 year old told me he loved a boy because it was his best friend and he just liked him SO much… I never respond with anything other than “your young now, but when your ready, love who you love as long as you treat them right and they treat you right.”

I am in a same sex marriage so people assume I want my kids to be gay. Would I ever want my kids to be gay, no way, not in this society. Will I support any decision they make and do my best to raise them to be loving partners? Absolutely.

Leave her be. Maybe she’ll do exactly what you did, maybe she won’t. Sounds like whatever she decides, you will be loving and accepting of it and that’s all that matters.


Let her be who she is and support her. Otherwise you may regret it as she ages. She may actually like girls. My nephew was 5 when he told me “I already know when I grow up I’m going to be gay, because I don’t like girls.” Low and behold he finally came out to everyone in the family that he likes boys. I was just like I’ve known that since he was 5. He’s still my nephew. Don’t make a huge deal over it or encourage it. Just ignore the situation and encourage her to try “girly” things too. She may be or may not be. It’s too early to stress over. She’s a kid. Let her enjoy what she likes doing.

just let her be. she’s going to have some sort of sexuality, whether she’s gay, straight, bi, pan, etc. anyway, no matter what anyone else wants & you won’t be able to change it in the future. just let it happen. if it’s a phase then it’s just a phase. if not, she’s still your daughter, so just love & support her as a person, as her own unique individual self.


You wont be able to “change her”. When I was 4 I told my mom I was going to marry a girl, I turned out to be bisexual. Theres nothing wrong with her liking girls. She could end up liking boys too later down the road. I wouldn’t stress it or try to stop it. Just let her be and see what happens down the road. If she does turn out to like girls when she gets older, so what? You cant help who you have feelings for. Just support her.

My thought is why a child that young even knows what a crush is ???

My daughter has been saying this since she was 11 she is now nearly 13 she like girls she has lost so many friends including the parents i haven’t encouraged anything i’ve let her be who she wants to be and she seems happy.

Don’t change her, that’s a horrible thing to try. She’s herself, love her for that. It’s bad enough the world is gonna be against her and will want her to change. Be her safe place, not another person saying what she feels is wrong.


Relax. She’s still learning and figuring a lot out at 6. Either way, she’s still your child at the end of the day, and deserves to be loved unconditionally.


She tells you her secrets because she feels safe with you. If you try to change her she will never trust you again.


There is really nothing to “change”? She is who she is or will be. Just because she likes spiderman, etc doesn’t mean anything. She is 6. Let her love, like who she is going to. You trying to “change” her isn’t going to help nor will it “change” her. Support her. She needs to know you love her, regardless!!


Listen, she’s going to be who she’s going to be. My daughter holds other little girl’s hands. She runs up to little girls and introduces herself and asks them to play. She also does that with boys but a lot of boys shy away from her. My daughter is also very much a “tomboy.” But I don’t read anything into it because she’s little. I do not sexualize my child. Clothes are clothes. Toys are toys. Friends are friends. I let her be who she is even when she’s choosing spider man boxers and a dress with bows in her hair to go dig in her favorite mud puddle and to hunt bugs. When she’s older and tells me that she has a romantic interest in boys, girls or both it will be ok because I’m her momma and I love her exactly as she is. There’s nothing to do or to fix. Just love her.

Leave her be she’s a little girl unless she’s doing innapropruate things to girls at school and stuff I’m sure she’s very normal as a teenager she may well love boys get ready for that one lol👍

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