My daughter has started losing weight since changing her diet: Advice?

My question is about my one-year-old daughter. She just turned one. I switched her off of formula and on whole milk. She eats two big meals of table foods a day’s snacks in between. And has her sippy cup full of whole milk or Green Tea or Juice. Since I’ve switched her, I’ve noticed she not gaining weight as she used too. She just got into 12-month clothing. Which I don’t think is too bad. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep weight on her and keep her happy and healthy?


I’m pretty sure she shouldn’t be getting green tea


WIC told me that when they hit 1, to expect a decrease in appetite and weight. It was true for my daughter and she is 15 months now and is just now chunking up again.
Green tea can speed up the metabolism though, so I would switch her to chamomile. Good for her tummy too.


And she is now walking…that drops weight in toddlers


Keep her on formula they make toddler formula you can continue to use. I never understood why it’s recommend to breast feed till 2 but only formula feed till 1


It’s the green tea. It helps speed metabolism and helps promote weight loss. Stop the green tea or ay kind of tea in general and she’ll be fine after a bit.


Should be eating 3 meals a day and no green tea. Milk or juice or water


Definitely shouldn’t be having green teA

Green tea for a one year old? I’m not so keen to switch from formula to milk just because they turn one, I wait until they’re two and eating a wide variety of foods to provide the nutrition they will lose from formula. Milk is just fat and sugar, calcium and vitamin d. We need a lot more than that.


And she’s more mobile. Mine all slimmed down when they started walking


Feed that baby some gravy and gators. My daughter was tiny too but it don’t mean that she is unhealthy. Also she can have pediasure and no green tea

Don’t sweat it unless the Dr’s are worried.


Is she losing or just not gaining as fast? Weight gain starts to slow down as they become more active and are able to burn more calories playing. I would discuss her weight with the pediatrician at her next visit.

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You have to think about how active she is now, she’s not going to be gaining weight like she was


My daughter is 20 months and fits in 12 to 18 month clothes. She hit a growth spirt around one and then hasn’t really had one since . But she loves to eat so idk.

If she’s walking and running around she’s burning off the calories. When you take her to her check up I’m sure you will find she will be ok. I wouldn’t worry to much at all. :slight_smile:


Since they are now 1, they should be getting 3 meals a day with snacks. My daughter will be one in 6 days, and she is still in 3-6 and 6-9 month clothing. The green tea could be a hit or miss depending on what your pediatrician has said about it.

Just keep feeding her when she is hungry, if she is an active baby. She could lose the weight but gain it again easily when she eats and just go in circles like that

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Ok the biggest thing I picked up off this post was green tea…wtf??? She shouldn’t even be drinking that or even fruit juice at 1. You’re filling her up with caffeine and sugar. That right there is gonna cause issues


It is most likely because shes most likely walking/running around most babies thin out during the turning point of learning to walk/run around.

They tend to not put on weight as fast once they’re walking ect and I was also told that they need three meals a day and a couple snacks a day by my family nurse formula for toddles tends to cause constipation ect x