My daughter has started rejecting formula: Advice?

Hello, moms, I need advice… my six-month-old has all of a sudden started rejecting her formula. Drs have tried changing it nope nothing works. She spits it up, she’s throwing it up, breaking out in a rash and to the point, her bottom bleeds. My son, when he was six months, did the exact same thing we went through every formula already. Has anyone been through something similar? My son, we just went with almond milk, but she has seizures and allergies to a lot already, so I’m terrified I’m going to make her sick.


Hospital visit for care

Take her to the nearest.childrens hospital you cant.keep.experimenting.shes not a Guinea pig


Take to the Emergency Room something is not right

My daughter was like that and they ended up putting her on nutramigen which is a hypoallergenic formula. Please Check with your doctor. Good Luck to you both!

Have you tried an organic formula?

Defo an allergy lactose intolerance? Its life threatening cant believe they left u like this, mind u my daughter was left from birth till 8 mo this old before I could get her lactose free milk , then she went on soya milk

Goats milk. It’s expensive but it’s better than cows milk based formulas.


The milk is constipating her. She can start on simple soups. Porridge fruits. Crushed pumpjins abd creamed irish.potatoes

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Have you tried prescription formula? or a referral to a pediatric GI specialist

Sounds like she’s allergic which you’re Ped should have picked up on smh. I would suggest another Dr and maybe soy formula or just take her off all together she’s old enough to start baby food

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Wtf take that child to the damn ER and make an appt with a children’s hospital! 🤦


Allergic, lactose, stop giving it to her


Nutromagin? My babies couldnt handle regular formula…

Have you tried enfamil reguline?? It’s a new formula for sensitive babies. Her belly is rejecting the formula reguline helps calm a lot of belly issues like colic, rejection, and constipation.

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Take her to a gastroenterologist. They did that with my son after many formula’s changes. He is 6 and drink almond milk but you should go to a doctor.

What formula are you using

6 months you say? Take her off it, give her whole or goats milk and real foods


I put my babies on to soy milk

Is she projectile vomiting? You do know babies can die from “failure to thrive” right…why are you on facebook and not at the pediatrician’s office?