My daughter has stopped talking as much the older she got: Advice?

Hi, I was wondering if you could please post for me? My daughter is one year old, and around nine months, she started talking very clear words saying things like ‘get it’ and cat car and mum. But strangely she has stopped talking, and it seems she can’t say these things anymore like if I try to tell her to say get it, it’s like she’s trying but can’t quite get the words. Sorry for the long post it’s just I was a little concerned by this… thank you xx.


If it continues have her checked for autism my grandson was fine till 14 months and slowly stopped hes 9 now and nonverbal

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My son did the same. He understands just fine but won’t hardly say any words anymore. He’s going to start speech therapy soon. Have her checked by the pediatrician or wait a bit until she’s 2 and see if she picks it back up.

My daughter was that way, she had a few words she said clearly at 9/10 months then sorta stopped talking for a couple months, she’s 17 months now and jabbers nonstop

You should bring this up with her pediatrician. It could nothing more than a little regression, but it could be the first signs of something more serious like autism. It’s something that you and her doctor need to keep an eye on. Early intervention is key.


Did this start after any vaccines? I know this is a hot button issue but I know someone who’s little boy stopped talking after a series of vaccines. He’s been diagnosed with autism. His mom is certain it was the vaccines because it was within a day it started


I heard it was normal for children to say words then stop saying them. She is only one year old so I wouldn’t worry to much. If your really worried just talk to your family doctor or pediatrician.


Has she gotten her 12 month shots yet? Might be something to research.


Maybe they have learned it’s not ok to speak…I hope not but it is a cause

She’s only one. Most kids don’t talk very well until closer to two years old. I’m not sure why she would stop saying words after learning them, but I would bring it up to the pediatrician.

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My stepson was speaking a good but at 1.5 then stopped talking all together . He didn’t actually start speaking until 3 after a year of speech therapy . It’s actually very common for a child to go through a regression .

Its not uncommon. Both of my kids went through/are going through that phase. My almost 10 year old did it for a few months around 1.5/2… and my 1.5 year old just recently quit saying a lot that he used to. I wouldn’t be concerned. Just keep encouraging her to talk.

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My son did the same thing. I jumped on his doctors his hearing was evaluated and they even got some in home care provided to work with him. But 2 months into that (at just under 2 years old) he walked out and i kid you not said "morning mama " he hasn’t stopped talking since. Lol he was lazy and preferred to sign simple things that I taught him from before talking age. That being said, I would still address it with doc and have it noted.

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Dont wait and see!! Do something now. Talk to the dr. And get her speech!

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I’m having exactly the same
Problem at the moment with my nearly 18 month old daughter. She was saying a lot
More at 10 months then all a sudden she stopped and for months now she won’t say a word

My daughter is 18 months she was saying simple 3 word phrases by 9-10 months like I did that , dada did it , I want baba or I want numnum or night night etc she rarely says them now I was told it was normal you could always contact a speech pathologist though if you’re worried

Autism rears it’s ugly head around 18 months and then the children stop doing and knowing the things they once did! Talk to your pediatrician and go from there! It could be as simple as getting her Speach therapy. They will guide you in the right direction and give you all information needed!

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I wouldn’t worry. I remember hearing that if they stop doing something that they previously were doing it might be because they are working on a new skill whether it be a motor skill or verbal skill. No doubt once she figures out the new skill she’s working on she’ll start talking again. Good luck. We should give them more credit they are clever little beings.

My daughter started using some basic words when she was about 10 months until she was around 15 months she just stopped, won’t even say ‘mama’ or ‘want milk’ etc. Got me worried but she started talking again before she turned 2yrs old & she won’t stop until now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: if it’s a concern to you, check with the doc esp if it’s been a while that he’s not speaking words.

My son has been saying I did it since he was about 10 months along with a few other words. Then he kind of took a pause and stopped taking except for a few things. Hes now 25 months and has been talking a bunch more again. But it’s pretty much all in sentances.

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