My daughter has stopped wanting her morning bottle: Advice?

Hey everyone! Looking for a little mama advice. My daughter is now nine months old. All of a sudden, she stopped wanting her morning bottle. She’d take maybe like 4oz of it at most, then push it away. I started substituting a solid instead because I wanted to make sure she ate in the morning before daycare. Just today, she’s now refusing her bottle and sippy cup entirely! She has still been wetting, and she’s eating purees which still have some fluid, but I’m worried! Has anyone experienced this before? What did you do to get your little ones to drink?


My son is 9 months and has been drinking less milk from his bottles sometimes only an ounce… it could be teething or a growth spurt. I make sure I feed him a little early with his next feeding which is usually his cereal or oatmeal. If you feel like she might not be getting enough you can give her some cereal or oatmeal as well. When my first born was like that I would put a little cereal in her bottle.

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She doesn’t have take a bottle. If she loving the food then keep doing that. Try a Sippy cup


My second daughter hated the bottle as well when she got to about 6 months. We switched to sippy cups with straws

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give her,her bottle first in the morning and then feed her,her food because at that age the most important thing still is their milk

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Good time to break her from her. bottle give her a sippy cup and solid food ,try giving her juice or water.


Check her mouth for thrush.


I vote teething, it does some crazy things but it wouldn’t hurt to have her checked by her pediatrician for an ear infection or thrush.

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I can’t remember when my son stopped taking his bottle but we have just been doing cereal/solid food for breakfast lunch and dinner for a few months now. I think he was 10 months tho when he stopped the morning bottle. But if he wakes thru the night I give him a bottle. But she could be teething. I wouldn’t give her juice as that isn’t healthy for a 9 month old. I would put her milk in a sippy cup or water would be good to offer her as well. I was reading not to put cereal or oatmeal in the bottle as they need to learn to feed themselves and it doesn’t work that well. It’s not good for them to have cereal/oatmeal in the bottle.

Start her on baby foods .

Mine stopped taking as much of a bottle around this time due to teething. I made sure to have him eat infant yogurt approved by the pediatrician that has whole milk in it so he’s still getting those nutrients.

She wants eggs, bacon,

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She is 9 mons, she wants real food. Feed here and offer her a few oz of milk. Also call her doctor

I work in day care in infants and I see this all the time. I think your doing it right but always check with her dr. Shes fine.

Around this age is a good time to offer a sippy cup of about 4 oz formula and Gerber cereal/oatmeal. Mix it with some formula so that she is still getting the nutrients along with a spoon of banana or applesauce. That will make her much more full than just having her formula. Send her formula for lunch along with 2 jars of food and cereal so they can feed her lunch as well. Formula doesn’t taste good so by the age of 12 months she likely won’t want it at all. It’s similar to natural reaction to moving on from formula.

Just give her toast cereal or porridge instead of her morning bottle

She will soon want a cup of water after food

Don’t worry. All babys go through stages of likes and dislikes. She’ll let you know when she’s thirsty. As long as she’s wetting she’s fine.

You could try offering water if she doesn’t want milk. My daughter did this too but she just didn’t want formula, she would drink anything else

Baby rice or baby oats with her milk in, thats what I did for my little girl. At least she’s getting her morning milk that way :blush: