My daughter is a wild child: Just needing to vent

I want to absolutely cry. My kid has always been the “wild one” everyone always says something; I just keep going and love her to death anyway. She is so challenging some days, though. Today I picked her up from daycare, and she literally just took off running to the parking lot. It’s a long walk to the front of the school. I’m almost 9 months pregnant, and she sprinted off the second she saw me all the way up front. I just couldn’t catch her, and her brother took off trying to catch her, but then he opened the door and let her out to the parking lot. By the time I got to them, they were both running around in the road. It’s so humiliating, and I know people see how wild she is and judge me and think I’m not a bad mom. My family says all the time, “why don’t you make her listen, “ and so on and so forth. I don’t care what they say, but I am definitely upset none the less and wish that for once it could just be easier I know I’m blessed to have her, but I never know when a trip to the doctor or grocery store or anywhere, in general, might just turn into an actual nightmare meltdown situation.


I have a wild boy. One day they may rule the world :heart::blue_heart: itll all be okay mama


Maybe sitting down with her on her level and asking her why she feels so wild. And ask her to be a big girl and to help you. Sometimes giving time to talk helps. Sometimes they are just rambunctious.

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Girl this is my daughter and she is 10 today and she is more the a wild handful

Id talk to her doctor about it


Sounds like you need a bit of support from family, not judging. Mumma all kids can be wild, I know for sure mines going to be!!! I wish you peace, and goodluck. Just keep doing what you are, eventually she will listen, or get hurt enough to scare her (hopefully not too badly). You got this! Your a good mum and you will win! Xxx


Girl I am in the same boat with my little girl she is such a. Wild child for sure it can be tireing but just taking a min your self and take a breather you got this just keep being a good momma to her

Put a baby leash on her. At nine months you can’t be chasing her down. Make it a little easier on yourself till your able to control her better


Under 3… put her ass on a pack packleash or wrist one… her safety is first most important…if older than 4 it might be time to talk to pediatrician… play game red light green light…

My boy is wild like this I’ve taken him to the doctor and he’ll be getting assessed for ADHD when old enough might be worth a trip to the doctors to ask even for some advice x


I’m sorry you’re at that point of wanting to break down. My wild one is 16 months and she really gives me a run for my money. Some days I just want to scream. You’re doing your best and you clearly love your children. You’re not alone :heartpulse:

My youngest boy is my wild child. His twin sister will follow him anywhere telling him no no no the whole way. But he is also my most loving. It’s definitely harder some days that others. You’re not a bad mom, they are just wired differently.

I have a wild one too :heart: you’ll get there mines 4 and shes just insane, shopping trips etc i dread because she just doesnt listen so strong willed but my eldest is absolutely fine. You’ll be ok :heartbeat: x

Maybe get a little backpack with a leash its helps alot


i learned w time that u have to “predict” in ur mind and be prepared for about 10 different scenarios when ur gonna do something. its easier than to wanna be super mom at the exact moment bcz w children we have to stay way ahead of them. also take the time to observe and talk to her. ask her what she would really love to do or have? when she tells u tell her that tomorrow if she waits for u to come to the door n doesn’t run off u will let her do or give her what she just said. to many people it may seem like ur bribing her, well, ur not, ur teaching her w actions n words that being good is always rewarded. 1st she’ll see its by u, then she’ll get d hang of it as she’s older. u need TONS of patience! ull be doing things u dread, like me i dreaded getting up early for a morning walk bcz i preferred an afternoon walk but a promise is a promise, n so now u can remind her she has to wait for u… for brother thank him for trying to help instead of nagging him…come up w a better way n alert teachers too so u can all work together. its hard, but its the best thing that can ever happen to us!

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Second born? My boy has gotten better but he used to do stuff like this, I finally sat down with him and told him he couldn’t run from me and sense then he’s done a lot better

You are definitely not a bad mom! Strong willed children can be hard to handle just raise her the best you can and ignore the rest. Just the fact you said you are blessed to have her and love her shows that you are an amazing mother!

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Sit down with her and show her videos on what can happen to her if she continues. Also ask her open ended questions to help you find out why she is doing it

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My kids are wild both of them, they egg each other on when they are together, I’m exhausted all the time. My SO works away so it’s just me and the kids mid week and some days I’m so tired it’s a massive chore to keep on top of the house. I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on if my life at the moment at well which is exhausting me too. But I feel you and it sounds like your doing a great job. Maybe try one of them wrist straps so it goes on her wrist and then onto yours so she can’t run off or them backpacks with the leash.

my daughter is a wild child. some of the daycare workers have expressed their concern that they believe she’s ADHD. some kids are just very spirited. try practicing “calm moments” at home. just take a couple minutes here and there with her and do some sitting still activities. start off with short, frequent periods of time and gradually extend them. she will always be wild, but she will eventually learn there are times to be calm. I had to be very firm with my daughter sometimes, but now she’s calmed down quite a bit