My daughter is acting out: Advice?

If it is only at school and not at home…I would try and talk to her about what is upsetting her about school or why she is behaving that way. Could be the big change of a sibling but seems it would be at home then too.

Maybe, possibly she’s having PMS?🤷

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Is she being bullied by someone else?

SHE IS JEALOUS! Once the baby gets here, and you allow her to help, she will probably change.

Start taking shit away.

It’s an attention thing. You’re doing everything right. My oldest acts out for attention so I ground him when he gets in trouble at school. When he is good I reward him. I find that sitting down and talking with him about what he’s feeling after some time in his room has helped me understand why he acts out and helps him communicate more and act out less.

She just needs to know that u still love her and your family is growing, and nothing will be changing as far as her and u, tell her that she can be u little helper, i find that , that really helps.

Your not doing anything wrong but she could be acting out because mommy is going to have another baby, she might be feeling left out. I would take her to a counlor, they really help.

It doesn’t sound like she’s having issues with you being pregnant, or she would be directing this at you. It sounds like she’s having trouble with someone at school. Your not doing anything wrong. Hang in there :heart:

Maybe ADHD. My daughter had the same problem her teacher suggested adhd. We got her on meds and it helped tremendously

My daughter acted out when new baby was arriving. It was all about control. I’d say best thing is to give her more independent time or play dates, time to be a kid, but not with you directly. It took 3 years for my stubborn daughter to adjust. Went through anger, sadness, Cinderella, anger & now finally adjustment.

So shes only acting out at school is what I am grasping? If that’s the case, is she being bullied? That could be what’s making her act out at school but is fine at home cause home is her safe place


Does she see her own dad? Only asking as my son who is 9 (child with autism) has been acting out since his brother was born, but during this time, his great auntie had passed away, his dad abandoned him and he didn’t want a sibling. Hes acted out at school will do things he shouldbt, his brother turns 1 tomorrow and he still doesn’t want anything to do with him which puts me under the impression hes jealous his brothers fathers about but his isn’t, my circumstances differ from yours tho as he lives with my mum (social services removed him from my care because I fell very ill) were my youngest does live with me so theres a lot more jealousy involved. But it could be your daughter is jealous and acting out is her being frustrated because she cant stop things happening that she doesn’t want, like the new baby… I could be wrong like she could very well be looking forward to being a big sister, but if she isn’t and she feels like shes being pushed into having anything to do to try involve her with baby it could also explain her actions

I wonder if it’s actually something happening at school

It would all depend on her reasoning behind punching them.


My daughter is the same way, she’s 6. She is doing to it get more attention because her step dad and I are trying to have another baby. I sat down and talked to her about it and it seemed to help greatly.

Acting out how? Only at school? Is this the first time she has hit? Has she been sent to the principal? Punishment at school? Does it seem to be more at “lunch” or recess? Or is it in the classroom with a teacher close by? What does she say? What is her reason? Is it a daily thing?

Sounds like this is about school and what’s going on with other kids … I would have a calm talk with her and ask her about the kids and see if there are issues there … also speak with her teacher and see if she or he is aware of any tension between her and and any other kids … also the change at home with a new baby coming and her approaching puberty could also be something bothering her … if she isnt willing to speak to you about what’s going on a counselor or therapist is also a good idea

Maybe she’s starting to feel jealously I suggest speaking to her about her feelings and understanding why she’s doing this

She is acting like a baby and needs a good whipping.