My daughter is afraid of the dark: Advice?

My daughter is almost 3. Recently she had become scared of the dark. She freaks out if her light isn’t on when she lays down. I want to get her a night light, but there isn’t a safe place to plug one in where she can’t get to it. I want to buy her a battery-operated one, and I was wondering what you guys used?


Get the one that shoot stars onto ceiling!!

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There’s the unicorn teddy bears that project a light that she can hold.

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We use nightlights like these ones and they’re awesome!

I used a battery powered one it projected lights and lulls byes

This is the one we used. Cuddly and projects a stars.

We put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.


My granddaughter is 6yr afraid of dark i have lights on curtains, one that projects lights on ceiling and battery operated night lights

My 4 year old loves her moon night light. It changes colors and she can carry it around. It’s so handy!


Our son has the star belly dream lights bear and he loves it. The lights stay on for 20 minutes.

We have a battery operated moon that stays on 24/7 in my sons room. Hangs on the wall or sit on his shelf he has had it for 2 years i have only changed the batteries 3 or 4 times

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My daughter is 3 and uses this. Her twin brother uses the same thing but Chase from Paw Patrol. She is afraid of the dark and this helps her feel safe.

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So is my son. Always has been. He is 18. It’s his thing that freaks him out.

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Those moon ball things are fairly indestructible. My daughter did the same thing. She grew out of it. It just took lots of comforting and reassuring. Now I leave the hall or bathroom light on and her door cracked. She is good with that.

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We use battery operated neon lamps.

J have this nightlight for my 2 1/2 year old -

I am 30 years old and I do not like the dark. Any night light will do. She’s 3 not 8 months. She is old enough to know not to touch it. If not teach her. It’s hot. Don’t touch it burns. Put a tv in her room.

Try one of these. They are soft enough to sleep with and also bright enough to be a ‘night light’. We have both a cat and a dinosaur and my kids love them

Houwsbaby Light up Kitty Stuffed Animal Cat Floppy LED Plush Toy Kitten Night Lights Glow Pillow Birthday Gifts for Kids Toddler Girls, White, 11.5’’

We have a light fixture that when you up down the switch quick it night lights.
Listen that’s a terrible description let me try to find a link :joy:

I’m 44 and still don’t like absolute dark… I have a nightlight in each room and the hallway!! Its just easier to see which way to the bathroom!! Lol