My daughter is going through sleep regression: Advice?

My daughter is four mo and has been going through a sleep regression. She wakes up at 9, 11, 1, and then at 3 or 4 am every day, and she’s wide awake. It takes so much rocking, nursing, and walking around for her to fall back asleep IF she even does. Some days I just get up with her and let her play on her mat while I try to wake up. At the end of the day, I’m completely beat. Her naps only last up to 30 mins during the day, so by the time I try to doze off, shes up again. I’m getting very frustrated, and I’m exhausted. My husband works all day so he can’t really help. Any tips?


No advice just I’m here with ya! Tommy is 4 and a half months! I know it’s frowned upon but co sleeping has saved my sanity!!


Try putting her to bed a little later

Sounds about right. Most babies go through it. :woman_shrugging:t2:

See if a church in your area does a free drop in where you could get some sleep. Or a family member or close friend comes over and watches while you sleep.

Is she hungry when she is waking up? I ask because my son was like this before growth spurts. He would be hungry all the time for a few weeks before a growth spurt, but then barely eat and sleep all the time while growing. It is a pattern that continued for most of his childhood. Every child is different, if this is something new for her, maybe go to the doctor to rule out any other reasons her sleep may be disturbed.


Welcome up motherhood. This phase will pass!

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If you are nursing make sure you aren’t consuming caffeine


My baby just turned 3 months and she is like that. We had to stop swaddling because she started flipping on her stomach. Now almost every hour she’s flipping and waking me up. The swing has been a lifesaver. You should get one if you don’t have one

Mine didn’t sleep. No advise either. She didn’t start sleeping until she was about 3. Some kids just don’t. Hopefully it’ll all work out for you and your baby. At 4 mos though I can’t help but wonder if baby is teething and might be waking up bc of comfort level.
If you have access to a family member or a close friend ask if they could watch for a.cpl hrs so you can get some sleep at least. Good luck

There’s a few sleep regressions in the first year. It’s normal and will pass. You just have to get through them first. It will get better!

Someone mentioned co-sleeping. That might help. Other advice. Keep her room dark at night. The next one is difficult. I did it and it worked. It took two nights and worked. At 1 am, check on her to make sure she’s ok and let het self sooth. It’s difficult, but worked for me. By the third night babies will usually go with the program. Like I said, it’s not easy and you have to be consistent for about two nights, but it worked for me with both my kids. Good luck. Sleep is important.

Of she is not fussy or crying or wanting attention put her in your bed safely and go back to sleep.

Just keep your routine very consistent, this is very important during sleep regression periods. It will soon pass and as long as you have stayed solid in your routine, things will go back to normal. Good luck!!

My baby is going through this too and he will be 3 months next friday.

Unfortunately every baby goes through this I suggest not letting her play though at night as it confuses them. When I went through this I used to lay in the dark with my son whilst he was awake so he knew its not play time as hard as it is now it will get better :heart:

Co-sleeping was a lifesaver with my first LO. Other than that the only thing is to just do the best you can. It does get better, I promise.

The 4 month sleep regression is no joke. This is where I started bedsharing with mine to get some sleep at night. If you follow the safe 7 there’s no added risk.

I highly recommend babywearing during the day, so she will sleep longer in the carrier while you have your hands free. Also try implementing a bedtime routine.

Play with her in the evenings and keep her awake til about 9 she will be more tired and sleep a little longer!

Try using a nightlight at night and help the baby realized that when it is dark it is time to sleep and don’t let your baby play in the middle of the night because then they will expect to play and get away with it… i would do a changing, feed, burp, then lay him down (so he didnt get use to the arms) it worked for me…
Then during the day open the windows let in as much light in as possible so your baby understands that this is the time to play and the time to be awake… also try outside activities (going for a walk or mommy and me classes) it helped my son…

I wish you the best .
Motherhood is far from easy but so rewarding.