My daughter is in to everything: Please help!

My 20-month-old daughter is such a handful, nothing like my eight-year-old. Everything I do, she has to be right next to me, pretty much on top of me either stepping on my feet, climbing on me, pulling at my clothes, or climbing onto the counter to get to my level. She is into everything! We keep all of our kitchen chairs on top of the table; all step stools are hidden, her bench, rocking chair & rocking horse are put away. She now takes the little garbage bag out of the bathroom garbage, flips the can upside down, and uses that to climb onto the counter. We keep our dog food in a big rolling container which is now put away too, but every single time we feed the dogs, she is running to either play in the water or get to the food to dump into the water or eat it or throw it around the house or fills up toys with it. She is so quick and super smart for her age. I am home with her every day while Daddy works, and Sissy goes to school. I am losing my mind-literally. I believe I’ve tried everything. Help me!!! Share all your tips, tricks, disciplinary advice, or whatever you might have to help me stop this!!! I know she’s still young, but this isn’t right at all. Thank you in advance, One stressed out Mama


My kid was into everything too, just stay consistent in telling her no. Redirect her if you need to. Itll get better!

Play with her. Keep
Her occupied. My gf came over with her 6 yr old and this kid couldn’t stop moving. I had to control her cuz mama just didn’t want to.
I pulled out books, paints, puzzles, and we even made a Fort but you leave her alone for 2 minutes and she’s bored trying to do crazy things.
Keep her occupied!! And don’t say you do cuz she wouldn’t be all over the place like that.


My 18 month old is the exact same way. Choose your battles wisely, and redirect her. Get her interested in something else. I noticed my daughter started getting into more things if I wasn’t giving her attention. Hope that helps!

I’m also at home all day long to a 22 month old that acts just like this and unfortunately I haven’t found anything to help lol he definitely keeps us on our toes. some days are very stressful and challenging but I’m learning to take each day as it comes. hope things get better!

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Welcome to terrible twos. You’re doomed

Cant be serious lol… its called a toddler hang tight


Daycare if u can afford it


This behavior is typical for this age range. Maintain boundaries and rules around touching and grabbing. Have plenty of activities to keep her occupied and do them with her. That’s all you can do, because she’s exploring the world around her. Which is a good thing and means she’s learning independence

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Second kids are the worse :rofl::rofl: my first (girl) is nothing like my second (boy) complete opposites at​:rofl: there now 8 and 3, 5 year gap fight like cat and dog daily! All kids are different, wine helps​:wine_glass::joy:


My 1 year old does this. And I let him. Its called being a child. If its that big of a deal take her the park, spank her (if that’s your thing) tell her no or. They won’t learn until they get hurt (even that’s not a guarantee

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Routines with play time, indoors and outdoors, and whT are you feeding her? Sounds like she needs more activity to burn off energy.

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Sounds like she wants more stimulation, if she wants to climb, take her somewhere she can climb, parks are a must free climbing frame come sun or rain!
when feeding the dog set up a mat on floor in kitchen with stuff she can ladle and move (eg pasta n Afew pans) keep her brain ticking give her things that would challenge her the little wooden bricks are amazing for any ages, colour matching shape sorting build towers ect, if there’s something you don’t want her to do say no if it doesn’t work move her away from the situation into another task


My son was exactly like this, always wanting to be up on the counter to see what I was doing and wanted to be apart of all the food prep/cooking and even washing dishes. I was getting incredibly frustrated with it, and he would have full blown hyperventilating melt downs if I wouldn’t allow him to help…so…I set clear rules (stove/oven are a no no…hot water is a no no) gave him specific roles. Hes almost 3 and loves to help rinse dishes, stir ingredients, wipe up spills and put clothes in the dryer.


Put her in a tumbling class, go to play groups, park, indoor play area


It’s actually completely “right” for some kids :woman_shrugging: You can’t discipline away curiosity or energy. Give her outlets for her energy and let her explore if it isn’t dangerous and adjust your own expectations.

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Go outside!!! Let her destroy the yard. My little girl was the same way. She’s still kind of the same way now (just turned 3) but now she responds to counting to 3. She hates time out! Up to 3 mins for every time she has to go there and then we have a discussion as to why she had to take a time out. Your little one sounds very smart and she just wants to do what you are doing. You are her main role model. Try to find little tasks she can help you with thru out the day. Channel her independence!

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She’s super smart; that is a great thing!
Instead of keeping her from exploring, create safe ways for her to do so.

I personally never discouraged my kiddos from climbing up, because they just want to see the world they way we do. I think it’s great to let her explore with you by her side. 15 minutes of that, and she is less likely to want to do it later when you need to have your attention elsewhere. I have one daughter who knew how to cook a full meal by 6 years old: that only happens when they are invited into our big tall world.

Find lots of ways to say yes. Make your home a wonderland of discovery. Good luck mama :purple_heart::green_heart::purple_heart:

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My son is like this plus he is super quick so I have baby locks on everything. Toilet bowl, fridge ect. The bathroom door is always locked. All the rooms apart from my sons room are all locked. He’s cupboards are locked. It’s a baby lock jungle but, that was the only way I can clean or go to the toilet without him getting into things. We go outside in the yard in the morning from 7-8Am and then again from 3-4Am. He does colouring in, painting, play dough and I set 30 minutes to playing a learning on my iPad. We go to swimming lessons on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday we go to an indoor playground and Sunday is Church. I find having things through the week helps me keep sane while keeping him active and interacting with kids he’s age and older.