My daughter is struggling in school: How can I help her?

My eight-year-old daughter is having a hard time with school. She is in 2nd grade. She has struggled in school since kindergarten. I try my hardest to help with homework, but she seems to really not understand any of it. At her last conference, her teacher told me she’s such a bright and kind student, which is great and all but her grades are showing otherwise. She does go to the group a few times a week for math, but it doesn’t seem to be helping at all. She was in the group all year last year for reading and still struggles badly in that subject as well. I’m at a loss at this point because I don’t want to continue to push her to the next grade if she clearly isn’t grasping anything. The last report card she had 1’s and 2’s in everything which shows she is way below average and is basically only showing up. If anyone has ever dealt with having to hold a child back or anything along the lines, please let me know! I just want my daughter to succeed in school. Also hiring a private tutor isn’t really an option financially for us


Keep her back! Have her tested by a neuropsychologist

Have eyes checked. It would not hurt to keep her back. Better now than later.


The school should be helping her get evaluated…my daughter had ADHD and always struggled with schoolwork,until she was put in special classes with fewer students, that allowed teachers to work with them closely…request an IEP meeting from school, it’s a meeting with all teachers,principal, and request that she gets evaluated

Sounds like she should be held back a year. I’d do it sooner than later. School just keeps getting harder and she’ll get further behind the further up she goes.

Have her evaluated maybe she can get an iep at school if that suits her, is homeschool an option? Sometimes the one on one helps a lot…


Check for learning disorders, get eyes checked,

Have you had her evaluated to receive special services? Once my daughter got her IEP and started receiving services (OT and Setts) her grades improved greatly.

I hear u my grandson is 4 in jk and also seems that he finding hit hard to under stand

Unfortunately the tutor the school is providing or this “group” isn’t working. She needs 1 on 1. I suggest posting a flyer around a local college campus so you can find a cheaper private tutor. Talk to the principle about options, I’m sure they’ve dealt with similar instances in the past. Get her tested for learning disabilities. And definitely do not go onto the next grade. Good luck!

Have her tested for dyslexia!


Have her tested for dyslexia.


Does she have an IEP? Has she been assessed? She may need additional help; one on one, smaller group. Have a sit down with the teacher, guidance counselor for suggestion and support. You’re not alone❤️


Get a psych ed assessment done. She may have a learning disability.


My girls are on an IEP … it gives them the extra help they need… talk to the school

Speak to your doctor or school about getting her tested. My son is below grade level and has an IEP that offers him more help in his learning. He gets to read to a dog every week. A reading buddy. And other accommodations to help him out. You have to be your kids advocate and voice sometimes because they don’t know that they learn differently…they just think they are dumb.

Speak with her teacher again and have the principal there. They need to do something for her.

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She may be slow learner, why don’t put her in a school for special children. My brother’s son was sound n healthy but couldn’t study beyond eight standard as her mom was reluctant to put him in the scool fir soecisl children.He is now healthy adult with no education, no skill in hand.

If she’s always struggled I’m not sure holding her back is the answer. Definitely research disorders that could cause learning issues and go from there. Best wishes :cherry_blossom:.

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Maybe She is not being challenged enough and She is bored?

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