My daughter is terrified of rain: what can I do for her?

My five yo daughter is absolutely terrified of the rain. She is very panicky if we’re driving and sees dark clouds. If it’s sprinkling, she’s crying. If it’s raining hard, we turn on some calming music to try and drown it out. She’s in the back, plugging her ears and closing her eyes. It seems to only matter when we are driving. She will wake up, and the first thing she asks is if it’s going to rain and if it is done we need to go anywhere. I’m at a loss. I don’t even know how to help her with this. I’m comforting her, but idk what else to do.


Ask her whay shes scared and see what she says and depending in what she says you might be able to tell her its ok and theres nothing to be scared of maybe some books will help too

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make it fun for her find rain puddle or go out in the rain and dance


Try carrying her favorite throw in car. When it starts raining have her cover head up with blanket. My granddaughter does that on certain things she doesn’t like. It helps calm her down.

Car wash rides… make it fun like your going under the ocean… but find out the underlying reason she is scared of rain…

Watch how you comfort her, make sure your not validating in her head that it’s a real fear.
Get her an umbrella and show her she’s protected from it.


Try headphone the sound might be getting to her.

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Best to figure out why she’s afraid of the rain and resolve the fear from the root. Make sure your comfort isn’t validating that rain is a real danger and causing her to fear it more.

put on music she likes and dance in the rain make it seem really fun eventually she will want to join too and after the rain is done jump in the puddle and make sure to say things like isn’t it so great it rained so now he have these puddles to jump in.

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Take her to a therapist. Find out why she’s so scared. Or a doctor so they can run tests. Maybe she has a sound sensitivity


Has she been in a car wreck when its raining?
Has someone you know been in a car accident while raining?

I’ll be the strange one… And say it may be stemming from a past life experience. (Car wreck in the rain)
Keep her hands and mind busy while driving in the rain! Headphones isn’t a bad idea!!


Sit down with her and help her draw what she doesn’t like about the rain or what scares her about it and then let her rip it up and throw it away to get rid of the “fear” she’s feeling.

Headphones that down out the outside noise so she can ride in peace an my daughter got off amazon window covers for her 2 kiddos it help alot dvd player also going

Depending on why she says she scared try practicing in the sprinkler. Have a dance party, make mud pies and splash in mud puddles. Then when it rains do all the same things and remind her it’s like the sprinkler


Play WITH her in the rain. Do some rain dances. Totally serious.


Tell her why it rains. It makes everything groses. If it didn’t rain. You wouldn’t have emy thing to eat.

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Same as my daughter mommy. She’s 3 and when she heard raindrops, she’s panicked and get some blanket cover herself she even wants another layer of pillow and mommy hugs to feel safe.

Does she have sensory issues?


Ask her why she’s scared. Let her know why it rains and how important it is. If you can convince her, go out and play in the rain with her.