My daughter isn't crawling yet: Advice?

She will be nine months old on Feb 10th. She gets from point A to point B by scooting around on her belly. She’s meeting all her other milestones. I know not all babies crawl, but my other two did, but I feel like it’s important for her to get the balance and strength. Every time I try to get her up on her knees, she flattens out. She is ALWAYS on her belly- so the amount tummy time isn’t an issue. I try several times a day to try to get her to balance on her hands and knees. My other kids just “did it”


Some babies go from scootin to walking. Maybe she is one of those children. If you feel something’s wrong take her to a pediatrician


My oldest never crawled and was walking at 8 months

Each of my 4 were different ages for every mile stone. Each child is different but if you’re really concerned touch base with her doctor.

My daughter never crawled she scooted from when she sat up then 1 year old just got up and walked

She will when u least expect it.


In her own time momma just don’t rush it.


My daughter never crawled. She would scoot on her but then one day just stood to walk. She crawled after already walking a bit with the crawlers at her daycare!! She’ll walk when ready and when you least expect it!!

My daughter didn’t crawl. She walked first and crawled secone.

My niece an nephew scooted on their butts never crawled…Then went straight to walking

She will in her own time, or she may scoot and then walk, that’s what some do, but donr compare to ur other 2 she is own individual person let her do it in her own time and way, if nothing changes at a year old continue to talk with pediatrician, some dont even ever really crawl, some go straight to pulling up on things and just walking like one of my 3 did, and out of all 3 each one was different, and I had the same concerns at first based off the other one , etc. And docs told me same thing, doesnt mean anything is wrong , and dont compare cause each is different

Attend playgroups with children of similar age, it helps the children to imitate, she may be able to pick up crawling ‘normally’. But it will be fun for the baby to interact with others, anyway


Just give it time. She’ll get to that point eventually

It’s normal. Some kids just go from belly or butt scooting right to walking.


Dont worry… she is moving about , not all kids crawl…

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My baby girl just turned nine months old and I was worried about the same. She could move around but it wasn’t by traditional crawling and I even told pediatrician that she doesn’t roll around from back to stomach like she used to. Doctor said to be patient… Literally 2 weeks ago she has been a beast at crawling without her stomach touching the floor, she’s been even pulling herself up to stand and it all happened overnight! Her being in a bouncer then walker has helped a lot as well. Also note: some babies skip crawling and go straight to cruising/standing

My baby didn’t start actually crawling until about 10 months and now she is almost a year old and walking more and more every day

When she s ready she will or one day she will walk and surprise you. As long as her Doctor says she s ok don’t worry. Just enjoy her!!!:blush:


Totally normal! As long as her doctor doesnt see any other potential issues, you should be fine! My son crawled everywhere and refused to walk until he was about 18 months old despite the fact that he had been pulling up and walking while holding onto furniture since he was 8 or 9 months old. He was just scared to take that first step! Dont worry Momma, just give it some time :blush:

She’l crawl when shez ready, she might even suprise you one day soon.

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