My daughter pees through everything at night: Advice?

Hey mamas! I need some advice. My 4-year-old has been potty trained since she was 2. But she cannot hold her pee at night, which I know is normal. The issue is, she pees through everything. I cannot find a diaper or a pull up that works for her. Does anyone know of something heavy duty I can use for her?


Cut out liquids about an hour to hour and a half before bed, maybe wake up at like 5 or 6 and take her to the bathroom. Diapers or pull-ups only encourage it. With underwear it will wake them up and they can stop, and then get up to go pee.

Well if I were in that situation instead of looking for something more heavy duty I would just set an alarm in the middle of the night and wake her up to use the bathroom. I think using a diaper still makes them think it’s okay to keep using it. Plus, if you don’t let her drink too much before bed you should have no problem putting her go bed at 8:30 and waking her up again at around 2am to potty then let her sleep. I personally don’t have this issue with my son so I’m just going by what I would do :blush:


No fluids about an hour and a half before bed then yes make her wear underwear and pee before bed. My son goes to bed at 9:00 no fluids past 7:30 and then I wake him up around midnight and have him go pee again before I fall asleep. If you are looking for something like pull-up wise go with overnights I used those and they were perfect now I jus put a overnight pad under the sheet to protect the mattress. Good luck momma

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You can get cloth diaper doublers to put inside of her diaper. It’ll just be a layered cotton pad, but it’ll absorb a lot and wick moisture from her skin. I also found Luvs to be the most absorbent.
Thirsties Reusable Organic Cotton Cloth Diaper Doubler, Large (3 Pack)

Cut all drinks either 2 or 1 hour before bed my daughter is 2 & I’m starting the potty training I’ve cut all drinks before bed so she’ll wake up with a dry pull-up

These work very well I use them for my son who is 5 and sleeps so deep he wets the bed. Good luck

I remember when I started potty training my daughter through the night I would wake her up around 12 before I went to bed and put her on the toilet she got use to it in the end and she started waking her self up xx

I’ve heard great things about Sposie Booster Pads. Find them on Amazon. You slip them into a diaper and it adds extra protection. We have good luck with Honest Company Overnight diapers. Perhaps try cutting out liquids an hour before bed, too!

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My son does the same thing I cut all liquids 1 hour before bed, make him pee before bed, and use goodnights (the only nighttime diaper that works for him).

Cut liquids a hour or hour and a half before bed time. Make sure she goes potty before bed. Those waterproof matress protectors work great too, even diaper pads under her. I had this issue with my daughter also she was and is a very heavy sleeper. It will get better momma!

I had this issue as well, I use the bathroom myself multiple times a night so I just changer my daughter in the middle of the night usually

Nothing to drink 2 hours before bed. It gives her bladder time to empty before bed.

Do not use pull up

And teach accountability and responsibility by making her clean up the mess by washing her own bed linen and pjs. My 5 year old washes his own clothes since age 3… All my kids do. Put a sticker on the button or knob they’re supposed to use… And a sticker on the side of the detergent cup where detergent goes.

The main key is the no drinks two hours before bed… We call it no sippy after 6. They’re in bed by 8…

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They have people pee pads they are usually by pull ups or incontinence supplies they’d should help

Put two diapers on !

Per pads like the ones they use in hospitals or not being homes

I used to take my daughter in the middle of the night or 7am sharp to avoid this

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I always woke my kid up right before i went to bed and set an alarm for 2 am to take her again and she never remembered me getting her up to pee when morning came.

You could try a pullup with a Poise pad tucked inside.

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