My daughter refuses to eat meat: Advice?

My daughter refuses to eat meat. We are a flesh-eating family. She is 8yo and has had an issue with beef since FOREVER! Since she started eating food. She likes no meat at all. I don’t know if I should keep trying to make her eat it or just accept that she doesn’t like it and give up. It’s a fight every meal every day. I am exhausted fighting with her every single day every meal. I don’t want always to be yelling at her. I mean, I don’t raise my own cattle or chickens for the meat we eat anyways. It’s all store-bought crap. So I mean it might be better and healthier just not to make her eat it. But my husband (her dad) says that she needs it. She is tiny for her age. Not unhealthy at all. Just petite. So I think he meshes the two together and thinks she needs it. Growing up, I had a major issue with textures. I hated meat, as well. My mom never made me eat it! So it’s hard for me to make her eat it since I know how she feels. Ugh. She does eat beans and peanut butter and such, so she gets protein. And she even likes protein shakes. So I can get protein in her. But I am just wondering what you might do? Just stop trying to make her eat it?


Mines the same … texture issue. I don’t make her.

Never force a child to eat something they don’t like! I’m by no means against meat lol but you should never try to force a child to eat something, there are plenty of other options for protein.


Im the same as your girl. Always have been. Dont force her. Not liking meat isnt a big deal. Just make it a point to make at least 1 or 2 sides that she likes so she gets dinner and have some healthy non meat snacks like fruit and veggies on hand.

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Why make her eat meat? I had to stop eating meat for 4 years for health reasons when i was 10 and got all my protein and iron from other things and occasionally take an over the counter iron pill. Even now i rarely eat meat just because it’s not that good lol

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Give her pediasure. She will gain weight and not need meat. She will eventually like it more than likely. A lot of kids don’t like meat.


I wouldn’t make her eat it if she really doesn’t want too, you can get plenty of protein from things other than meat xx

The only meat I liked as a kid was chicken tenders lol let her make you a list of her favorite dinners and then cook them together:) don’t force her to eat anything!

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I was the same. Just keep making sure she get her vitamins and proteins elsewhere. She doesn’t need it if she’s not deficient.

You shouldn’t make her eat meat. If she doesn’t like it she doesn’t like it. I am sure you don’t want to be forced to eat something you don’t like.

If she keeps up with that then she just probably doesn’t like it or it might be the texture thing like you were saying with you. Every 7 years your taste buds adapt so you want to try again and 7 years try it and so on and so forth every seven years try something you didn’t like because you might like it now otherwise it could be a texture thing because there’s still some things that I will not eat today just because of the texture it’s not that it doesn’t taste okay

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As long as she is getting enough protein and good fats, I don’t see a problem

Can you talk to her doctor about a healthy diet that doesn’t include meat? I don’t think you should force her.

My daughter is only 1 1/2 and she’s the same way. I keep offering it to her, but I’m not going to make her eat something she doesn’t like. As long as she’s getting her protein from other places, I don’t see it as an issue.

Don’t make her eat it. Especially if she has no issues gettjng protien. Plant protein is much easier for the body to digest, so her body doesn’t have to work as hard. She’ll have more energy and less digestive issues as an adult

Stop forcing it. Just let her be at peace eating and make her make her own dinner. It’ll help her learn and you’ll have peace at the dinner table

I was like this also at 5 now 38 and still dont eat it and never will !!


And as long as she’s healthy do you really need 2 force her to eat something she doesn’t want to eat I mean you’re not forcing her to eat a McDonald’s sandwich she wants to eat fruits and vegetables she wants to eat eggs instead of meat she wants protein but in forms that are okay for Hershey’s she’s good


I wouldn’t force her to eat meat if she don’t want to. I come to terms with all 5 of my girls do not eat the same thing one kid only eats meat and very few veggies but lots of fruit can’t win all the battles as long as she’s getting what she needs in her body I wouldn’t force it she may never eat meat and you don’t want to be the one who forced her either

I’m 35 and still only eat meat when I feel like it. 🤷 if she doesnt like it, give her what she likes. :heart:

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