My daughter refuses to potty train: Advice?

What can I do if my child out right REFUSES to potty train? She freaks out at the sight of the potty. She is 3-years-old, advice?


When she is ready she will go; the more you push her the worse it will get


Wait until she is ready.


She will when she is ready. Keep introducing her to it.

Location… Where do you have her potty?? I had to sit the potty in front of the TV she watched bubble guppies and had fruit snacks while she went

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My son was like this. He refused to use the potty and he literally woke up one day and decided he wanted to use the big boy potty. He just wasn’t ready before so I tried not to force him so I wouldn’t scare him away from it.

My son is 3 also and acts the same about the potty. My 10 year old was the same way. Give her a break for awhile, then try again. She may not be quite ready yet.

I talk to my daughter about telling me she needs to use the potty. every time I change her butt I tell her she’s a big girl now & has to start using the big girl potty. I sing potty potty potty to her and laugh and smile to help her think it’s a happy thing lol sometimes I strip her down & make her sit on the potty while I cook, give her a book maybe a cookie or some kind of snack. Keep blowing her kisses and smiling at her every couple minutes ignore the cries &she will get use to it. Every time I take her off I go through the motions of wiping her and helping her get back dressed let her flush the potty wash hands & give lots of high fives and tickles! Tell her she did such a good job using the big girl potty! I got a little discouraged lately because she still wasn’t telling me & using potty on herself… but yesterday she told me potty and grabbed my hand and lead the way :exploding_head::partying_face:

Just keep introducing it to her by the time she’s three and a half is probably going to just go away and she’ll potty trained very quickly like mine did he was potty trained in a week and had that same issue starting out at 3 years old

Let her pick out her big girl underwear. Also maybe get her own toddler toilet and let her pick it out. So she’s more inclined to use it. first just set it out in the living room and let her get used to the idea of it. Then in a month or two, when you go to the bathroom take it in the bathroom with you and have her sit on it. Not go to the bathroom just sit on it. See how it goes from there.

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Just keep on it. Explain shes a big girl no more diapers. Keep her in underwear they usually don’t like to mess on them selves. If your home for 3 or more days with her keep her in a tshirt only and just keep taking her to the potty. The earlier kids are introduced to the potty the easier it is that’s why we start at 12 months at the daycare. When kids get older and realize what it is they are more resistant. Good luck

You need to end the power struggle. Drop the subject of training, and start talking about the things she will be able to do when she’s graduated to big girl pants. Everything from choosing her own panties, to a treat that is special…but wait until she wants to do it!


Give her a prize ever other time she goes. Something she likes. A piece of candy, a piece of sugar free gum, a toy of some sort. Something that puts a bell in her head that says O if I go potty or or poop I’ll get a prize.

Skip it. She’ll be trained by the time kindergarten comes around.

Kids don’t potty train on your schedule. She’s gotta show interest in it. If she’s not showing any interest and you are forcing her… you’re going to do more damage than good

When I trained my oldest they use to have these seats that you sat on the toilet so it didn’t look so scary it had a horses head on it that squeaked when she touched it in no time she didn’t even realize that she was going as a matter of fact when she had to go she use to tell me horsey not potty I don’t know if they have them anymore but it sure did help with her

I had a really loud bell, the only time my 3 kids got to touch it was when they used the potty. If Mommy used it, but they didn’t I got to ring the bell. Work like a dream. Same way for all 3.

I’m in the same boat with my son. You just gotta wait it out. You can’t force them to do something they don’t wanna do.

My 3 year old did try but all of the sudden she lost interest.

Show her videos of kids using the potty or take her to visit a friend or cousin who is currently using the potty. Peer pressure works so fast!

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