My daughter refuses to sleep in her own bed: Advice?

My daughter is 2.5 years old and refuses to sleep in her toddler bed. We transitioned her to it when she was around 20 months, and she did fantastic for months, but something scared her, and she would keep getting out of bed. It started with her sleeping in the rocking chair, but then she’d fall out of that, so we took it out. We tried putting our dog in there with her to help her feel safe, but she would just sleep on the dog’s bed. We tried co-sleeping, but there’s no room in our bed for all of us. For the past several months, she’s been sleeping against the closed door of her room. I don’t feel like it’s safe because we can’t get into her room with her there, and she wakes up cold even though she wears warm PJs and a wearable blanket. We’ve even tried three different beds, different mattresses, you name it. Any ideas?

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Maybe sensory lights. Or a glow teddy. Or door open

We had to put a nightlight in for my daughter. I bought a smart lightbulb so I can turn it off once she’s asleep.

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Do you have a camera in there? Maybe you could see what’s bothering her…noises, a dark closet, a toy that turns creepy in the dark. Maybe you could see her react to whatever it is.

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Does she sleep in the dark? Cartoons helps mine and sometimes I lay in the room with him until he falls asleep.

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Please don’t put your dog in a room alone with a child!!


Have you tried putting her mattress right on the floor? Is something about it uncomfortable?


Ask what scared her and explore that

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I would put camera to see what’s causing the scare. And talk with her when it happen and see if she will tell you.

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My daughter is 8 and has a night light but I lay down on the floor in her room until she falls asleep. Also, our dog sleeps in the room with her. If she wakes up in the middle of the night she grabs a blanket and pillow and lays beside my bed on the floor.

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My sister did weird stuff like that. She slept on the floor for years even though she had a giant queen sized bed. She had a big doll house bed thing with a cubby in it and she would sleep in the cubby.

Have daddy put her back in the bed once she wakes up. Works for us. I’m too much of a softy.

Try putting smallest bed in your room. And another in her room . If she comes to your room she still has a bed . Or just put in bed with you . Yes I did it with 5 year old and baby, self and husband full size bed.
I miss those days

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I told my son to get in the bed constantly and stay in bed and he finally sleeps in his bed. He’s just turned 3. If he sleeps on the floor I’ll wake him up and tell to get into his bed.

My son was like this we ended up getting him a regular full size bed ( we let him pick out the bed) he was so exciting to sleep in a bed he picked out and we added a tv in the room so he can watch cartoons to get comfortable in the room we set the timer and it shut itself off over time. He also has a lamp that we left on for him

Maybe she doesn’t like her bed? Maybe just try putting her mattress on the floor?


Maybe try and put the mattress on the floor? Or put the toddler bed in your room for awhile?

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My daughter has I swear 5-6 night lights in her room. I call her room the night club when she goes to bed. Lol. But it makes her feels more comfortable and she likes being able to see in her room somewhat. Whatever works!

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Put her bed in your room to see if she will sleep in it. If not maybe switch her room

Monster spray before she goes to bed???