My daughter screams when anybody but me holds her: Advice?

How attached is too attached? I’m a stay at home mom and with my three-month-old all day. We go for walks, play, but she struggles with napping. As soon as someone gets home (usually my dad), they take her so I can shower and eat. She screams unless I’m the one holding her. She’ll cry and cry. When her dad gets home, she’s a little bit better but still will cry until he rocks her to sleep. Is she too attached to me?


My son was the same way. Eventually he grew out of it.

Mine was like that. I work from home. She is 10 months old now and does much better!

My almost 5 month old son does this! :weary: and I have no clue how to stop it before it’s worse than this.

Shes a baby… Shes been in ur belly hearing ur voice ur heartbeat feeling ur movements the whole time shes been cooking ur her security theres nothing wrong with that


She is use to you more than anyone especially if you are with her all day. No child that young can be too attached to their parents. She is adjusting just like she should. You are her comfort every day all day. They might help some but you are the one she truly has a bond with right now. She will grow out of this stage and you will miss it. Enjoy while you can


You’re her whole world right now momma. Cherish it while you can, these days don’t last long.

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look up the 4th trimester
it’ll help you understand just how normal this is :heart:

Its completely normal! Shes still so little. Your her comfort and she needs you.

No. She’s 3 months old! This is NORMAL!

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Get something you’ve worn and have her snuggle that while someone is holding her that might help.

Mine was that way. Try having whomever hold her with one of your t-shirts that still have your scent on them. It worked for my daughter that was super attached to me.

I had 7 kids that did this I couldn’t even fo to the bathroom Grew out of it at about 2 to 3 years old

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No such thing as too attached, it will change with time.

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Try having someone else hold her wrapped in one of your shirts or then even wearing your shirt…sometimes just smelling you will help calm the baby down.

Will they be willing to sing to her a few moments? That always works for me. Don’t have to be good, babies don’t care.

I’m currently babysitting a 3 month old who likes to be held until he falls asleep.

she’s three months old… you’re kinda all she knows mama

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My youngest was like that… My husband always had one of my shirts that smelled like me when ever he was upset and only wanted me… Worked every time… Even helped with sleeping…

According to every adult that knew me as a child this was me. I’m 46 with two adult kids. It all balances out. She’s onky 3 months old. Just go with it Mama

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