My daughter still wets the bed at night: Advice?

So I’ve done my research & have learned that bedwetting is somewhat genetic. Did I wet the bed up until maybe 8,9,10? That’s when doctors actually become concerned. My daughter is almost 4 & completely potty trained, except for at night. We’re not seeing any signs of her getting out of pull-ups at night for a while, even after doing what we can. I feel bad for her. We cut off drinking after dinner, potty before bed, and she has access to the bathroom 24/7. We do know that if she has a pull-up on, she will go in it. The wet feeling doesn’t bother her, so that’s no help. Is there anything else we could try to help cut back on the peeing? She wakes up with a full pull-up, but like I said, even if she’s awake, she will pee in it. When I was younger, I tried what I’m doing now with her, but it’s just something I couldn’t control and didn’t know I was doing. I can already hear my MIL putting in her two cents about it if it doesn’t stop in the next year.


Some kids just take a while to stop wetting the bed. My daughter stopped wearing diapers around two on her own but needed a pull up at night until she was five. I wouldn’t worry too much!

My kids are 12, 9, 5, 2, and 3 months. My 12 year old was fully potty trained at 2.5, my 9 year old still needed pull ups at night until 5 and my 5 year old just turned 5 he needs pull ups at night. I think every child is different but when their ready they stop. Doesn’t matter what you try when they are fully ready they will. Don’t stress over it.


Unfortunately it just takes awhile for some kids to stop. 1 of my four was a bedwetter until he was almost ten :disappointed_relieved:

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Completely normal but you can stop fluids an hour before bed, and try waking them up throughout the night to go to the bathroom. She may not wake up fully to the need to go.

We used a mattress protector and kept our daughter in her underwear at night. She will go potty right before bed, then I will take my shower and do what I have to do so about an hour after she falls asleep I wake her up and take her to the potty one last time before I go to bed. It’s been working pretty well for us and lately she has just been getting up and going by herself. We had a few accidents in the beginning but now she has been accident free for a couple months.


When we switched to cloth diapers my son started using the potty on his own. The problem with pull ups is they feel like diapers so she doesn’t know the difference.


My mom used to wake us up in the middle of the night to pee when she got up to pee that way she knew we would stay dry. And also make her take the pull up off the second she gets up

My daughter was exactly the same i didnt think she would ever stop wetting the bed. I just kept her in a diaper at night and she eventually stopped before she started kindergarten

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Could be something wrong with her tonsils I had a kid who needed them removed and once they were he never wet the bed again .

I tried everything thing and anything possible with my son it was until he was 5 he stopped wearing pull ups every child is different it will happen when your child’s ready don’t stress your self over little things darl

My son is 5 1/2 and still wets every single night. (And sometimes wets through his pull up) I tried waking him up before I went to bed to use the bathroom but he was terrified and woke up startled, I thought I would rather him get good sleep then not wet the bed its worth the $in night time pullups fir kids to get good sleep.

If she is fully trained during the day, keep doing the pull up at night. Some kids just dont wake up when they feel they need to go. Honestly, to save the bed mine still used them over night until they went so long with dry ones every night. They were probably closer to 5. My 3 year old is day time trained. But if he has a pull up on he’s gonna use it. We trained them to be used to the feeling of the wetness for the first 2-3 years of their life. We cant except them to just automatically get it and do 100% from the get go.

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I’ve been told my grandpa went the bed till like 10, my dad and I as well, my oldest went the bed till 6, my 5 year old still wets the bed and my youngest is 2. For us it is genetic. We do the no drinks after 630, pee before bed, and even wake them up at midnight but they still wet the bed.

Pull-ups feels too much like a diaper and I know some kids are just lazy not saying yours is but they will just wet in them Because it’s easier then getting up so maybe try underwear and mattress protector

My son wet the bed until he was 4 at least. I was so worried. It eventually stopped shortly after. He’s 12 now and never does this. My daughter never wet the bed so that was new territory for me. I’m sure she will stop eventually. In the meantime put a cover on the mattress.

Not trying to be “that person” but I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 5, because my mom and grandmother both noticed I was wetting the bed at night, drinking a lot, and peeing way more than usual. Not saying that’s the issue here, but maybe something to watch out for?


I would wake her up a couple times a n8ght an take her potty

I wet the bed until I was around 10 years old. It was extremely embarrassing. But they said it was because I was such a heavy sleeper. Still to this day I have difficulty waking up to use the bathroom. I dont wet the bed anymore but when I wake up I barely make it to the bathroom in time. I have actually peed on myself going from the bed to the bathroom because I just didnt wake up in time to make it all the way.


My oldest was 6 when he stopped wearing pull ups at bedtime. My other boy is 5 and still wears them at bedtime because he sleeps so hard he doesn’t wake up to use the bathroom. My daughter was in pull ups at bedtime for two weeks accident free before she was 3 and has never once wore them since and she’s never had an accident. All kids are different.