My daughter told me her bottom itches: Advice?

My 6 year old woke up at 4:30 saying her bottom itches really bad. I instantly thought maybe pinworms. I looked but didn’t see anything. I put some Vaseline on her but it hasn’t helped and she’s miserable. What else can I do??


Does she itch anywhere else? Have you given antihistamines? Leave a message for your Ped?

Epsom salt bath and take her in tomorrow

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Sometimes it can be from her not wiping very well. My daughter is 7 and it has happened to her. Maybe take a warm cloth and wipe her up. Wouldn’t hurt to call her doctor.


Take a baby wipe or even a wet paper towel (folded up) and wipe real good down there. Then dry it. See if that helps. If it’s works they come out late at night. This is gross but have you looked? Maybe just even a heat rash.

Could be a yeast infection


Maybe she has a yeast infection

Did u use flashlight to see if its pinworms tho cause they’ll come out at nighttime ? Also you should call your child doctor.

U can buy worm tablets from chemist

Warm bath until you can get to the doctor

Drink plenty of water

Buy worming tablet/chocolate at the chemist :rofl:
How do people not know this


Me and my baby girl get rashes wen we use toilet paper :roll_of_toilet_paper: my 7 year old daughter and me wipe with wipes instead because my girl gets big time rashes under there too . And then it goes away after wen it’s better …

Either a yeast infection or pinworm I know you said you looked but sometimes they can be very hard to see with the naked eye…they sell pinworm meds at Walgreens

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It sounds like pinworms. Pinworms come out of the anus at night. Years ago when my child had them, it took 3 looks to tell what it was.

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Take her to the doctor to be safe.

Why come to people on facebook for advice on your child’s health? Take her to her pediatrician.


It could be yeast, or from my wiping well. But her in a bath with baking soda.

Sounds like tapeworm. Commenly found in young kids passed via schools etc. You can get yablets from chemist to treat young one and rest family. They can be passed on very easily. No its not like worming a pet.


Maybe she has a hair. My daughter was very itchy and asked me to check her butt for rawness and i found a hair. Pulled it out and she felt better.