My daughter told me she was bi: Advice?

My ten-year-old daughter just blurted out to me that she’s bi. She says she has a crush on a girl. I told her I didn’t think she was old enough to make a decision that big yet, but that I was glad she felt she could come to me. My mind is kind of blown right now. Does anyone have any insight into this?


Dont. She can decide if she’s bi. Kids can know these things at a young age. Just be supportive


That’s good that she feels as if she can come to you for advice. Keep an open mind and do not try to make her statement invalid. By saying “that she isn’t old enough to make this decision” is almost making her statement seem minuscule and that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Let her make the discovery on her own and just support her. :heart:


Be there for her… that’s my advice as a parent.

I would tell her that it’s ok to like whomever she likes, girl or boy, and that you will love her and support her no matter what


Don’t treat her any differently. Just go along with it as if she was straight.


Just support her through her journey as she discovers who she is. I definitely wouldn’t tell her she isn’t old enough, that is dismissive and judgmental. Just cause you don’t understand doesn’t mean her feelings aren’t real. We all had crushes at that age, this is no different


If shes old enough to decide that and let you know- then she knows! I was in the same shoes at her age! The best thing you can do is BE SUPPORTIVE and be THERE


Given the fact it was so random I think that was an appropriate response, I also think 10 is young. I think before they explore anything sexually then they can’t be 100% sure BUT as long as she feels comfortable talking to you about anything that’s what really matters


Ask her if she heard it somewhere cuz kids don’t just wake up and decide it it’s all the brainwashing going on in this world we use to have two genders just make and female now they wanna be making up new genders


I would love and support her and I would not tell her I think she was to young

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I feel like in my mind I wouldn’t label it just yet. I’d tell her to just like who she likes. No big deal.


Would you tell her she isn’t old enough to have a crush on a boy?


I knew I liked girls by the time I was in 2nd grade. I’m married to a man but I’m still very much attracted to females. I don’t think she’s too young to make that decision. A feeling is a feeling and if she feels like she has a crush on this girl then she DOES. Be supportive, be open minded and don’t put her down or down play her feelings. It’s a good sign she came to you about it!! Don’t ruin that!


I’ve known I liked girls and boys since I was eight years old. Still do. Alot of what these parents are saying rings true.

It isnt a decision. Let her feel how she feels. Be there for her.


Sounds like you did the right thing to me. Just wait and see what happens, and stay as calm as you are right now when she definatelly makes a decision. Most of all keep that communication open!

Be there for her. Don’t push a label.


Absolutely nothing is different from today than yesterday.


Tolk 2 a family Dr about this with your daughter there not people on face book your daughter may not want her life out there like this