My daughter told me she was bi-sexual: Advice?

Could you please post anonymously? I have been going through hell with my 13-year-old daughter, and now she tells me she is bisexual. She told me she has a girlfriend too. I don’t know how I feel about this. Is she too young to make that kind of decision? I think she is, but I am at a loss for words. Please help!


Just be there for her and support her, thats all she needs

Just tell here that she is young and doesn’t need to work about dating seriously just yet because she has a lifetime to decide these things but either way you will be right by her side for love and support… Also that you would like to know about her girlfriend… Her being open to you is important

She’s finding herself. Be there and support her.


Umm… accept and support her for who she is.


If she told you she liked a boy or had a boyfriend would you think her too young? I doubt it.
She’s pubescent and old enough to know her preferences/likes/dislikes of many things in life.
She needs your love and support. Its not easy for anyone to come out and be who they really are. Accept her for who she is.


She either is and you’ll just have to accept it or she’s being rebellious so your best bet is to tell her your supportive of whatever she chooses.


Is she too young to decide she likes boys? Would this even be a question if she told you she had a boyfriend? No? Then what’s the big deal?


What does it matter if her partner is a girl or boy, as long as she’s respected, cared for, and treated well…


My daughter came out as a lesbian when she was 11. It gave me the courage to come out as bi. Kids these days have it more figured out than adults do.


If she truly is she knows she is… If she is attracted to girls then she is attracted to girls. There is not an age on that type of thing. I feel like it wouldn’t be a problem if she told you she was attracted to a cute boy at school. It’s all good. Just be her mom and let her be her.


This sounds so panicked and dramatic. She’s a new teenager exploring and experimenting within a confusing hormonal nightmare! So just be cool eh?


Supportive and accepting.

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No matter what she chooses. Always be there for her. At the end of the day…she’s still your daughter.


It’s not a decision it’s a feeling. You know what you like and what you don’t like at a young age.

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You like who ya like :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Hell no they all seem to be changing. Hopefully she will either grow out of it or not.


Mine is 13 and came out I support my daughter and no it’s not to young I was Bi curious at that age they know trust me.

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She’s experiencing new feelings. My daughter went through that when she was around 12-13 as well.

Please support her … she is just trying to figure out who she is. But it is very possible she is already aware of who she is. Take it from a mother of a gay child they just need to know they are loved and supported. Good luck!