My daughter was caught smoking weed at school: What should I do?

Hi, I’m a mother of four. My oldest is soon to be 18. Before thanksgiving, she was caught at school smoking weed. School tried notifying me but was unsuccessful, being that she blocked on the school numbers from my phone. So I never received the call or message. Being In, the states we are in, she is considered an adult and was taken to jail. She was put in a special program at school. Kinda like in-school suspension. She brought her grades and attendance up. Well, this evening I’m in the kitchen cooking, my younger ones in the living room watching a movie and she’s in the bathroom showering. So I thought… I go to the hallway and what do I smell. Weed. She’s smoking in the bathroom. I’m livid. I don’t know what to do. How to punish her. I was a single mom for many years. So I can’t count on her father.


Its weed… it’s legal in many many states now.
Want her taking pills or crack? :rofl:
Shes a adult let her live her life and face the consequences.


So i was this child. And my mom actually told me that if i was going to smoke to do it responsibly. She’s almost 18, and as the child i feel like i had a better relationship with my mom because she approached things the way she did…you cant keep her from doing it and if she hides it from you she’s more likely to do it in places where she can get in trouble for it


Call the non emergency hotline in your state and tell them you want to scare her straight some times they’ll help you


So many pros to weed then cons. Maybe she has anxiety or something affecting her that this helps. Drinking would be more harmful.


If you don’t like her doing it tell her not to do it at your house. She’s an adult.


Well… She’s an adult, her grades are up… What’s the problem. Ask that she smokes outside and not in your home. Problem solved


i mean if it’s legal in your state, she’s almost an adult i would tell her no smoking in my house, no paraphernalia allowed in my house (IF you don’t like it) otherwise i’d tell her to only do it at home in the backyard or something so it’s not around siblings but somewhere where she is SAFE.


Tell her to keep it out of school and don’t do it while driving. And if you don’t like it, ask her to keep it in her room only


My daughter experimented with weed it’s not the end od the :earth_americas:

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Its just weed… Much worse things she could be doing. Maybe not in the house?


Dont kick her out. TALK to her. Have a long one on one time.


Shes 18 and it’s just weed. Chill out. Just tell her she is not to smoke in your home.


She sounds manipulative. Blocking numbers on your phone, telling you she’s doing 1 thing when she’s doing another. On her 18th birthday have her stuffed packed. She wants to be an adult so bad let her be 1.


Honestly, I’d rather have my child smoke weed than something else. I’m bipolar, have severe depression and anxiety. I eat edibles every now and then. See if she is ok… depressed, going through something. Kids will not open up to you if the first thing you do is punish them. While yes, things need consequences but confront them in a loving manner. Weed probably helps her relax… is she’s stressed… then I kind of don’t blame her. She needs another outlet if you are strict on that not being an acceptable thing in your household :heart:


It could be meth … maybe sit down and talk with her and express you worry and just be real with her

Trust her & allow her to trust you. Just give her a safe space so she’s not getting caught in public. My mom used to drug test me to get me to stop so I turned to pills bc they’re out of your system quicker. Let her smoke.


She’s still going to smoke it either way any “punishment” you dole out will literally have no effect she’s 18 not 8 but considering you don’t like it she could have enough respect no to smoke it in the house


Tell her she has a choice weed or a place to live. Ya don’t want that around yar other kids in yar home . Choice it is. It hurt as a mom but sometimes we have to use. tough love .


Take it away. Even though it’s legal in alot of places, its not like bubble gum, for anyone, there are rules and repercussions for bad behavior…not many will take it seriously because its weed. I think you should guilt her badd… shes being disrespectful to you in your home. Send her to her dads.