My daughter was sexually assaulted in class and the school isn't doing anything about it: Help?

I need some help… my five year old daughter was sexually assaulted by another classmate at school this week. The school is making light of it because the kid that did it is five, as well. I just want to know what other people think about it. Am I crazy for wanting him to be held accountable for his actions and not just get a slap on the wrist? I do understand he could be going through certain circumstances at home, but I just feel like it should just be brushed under the rug because he is 5. If this situation isn’t tough enough already, I’m six months pregnant as well, so my emotions are going crazy, and the help and counseling isn’t coming quick enough for my daughter and myself.


He’s 5… What did he do??


I’d go to the police… Its sadly going to be hard to prove with them being 5. And what exactly did the 5 year old do. Not many would no what that would


I agree with you the child should be held accountable for his actions just like any other person would be. I also think that need to do an investigation with the child family because it sounds to be a little more going on at home that the child isn’t speaking of. Not only does your child need counseling but so does the child who is doing this.


If he’s five…makes ya wonder if this was done to him at that age he had to learn it somewhere…I would contact the police if the school isn’t going to step up! This behavior is not ok😠


You need to get over your perspective and realize that child is probably being molested because he wouldn’t touch another child that way if it wasn’t happening. Maybe this is your opportunity to save a child or help them and instead you’re too worried about just your child. Children learn from somewhere. That boy might be in danger at home.


CYA or local Police.

If not held accountable now he will grow up to think these things are ok. Set up parent principal meeting ASAP dont take no. If they refuse go outside to police make report. This Is NOT ok for any reason.


Sadly he’s probably getting touched at home i think you should call protective services to further investigate


When my child was 5 she was forced to hide 2 (6) year old girls while they touched each other. Turns out one of them were being touched at home. I threatened to go to the news if something wasnt done. My kid was literally afraid to ride the bus again with those girls. Squeeky wheels get greased mama. Raise hell and get it taken care of.

That child might just be being molested go to the police…


Ok so we need more information were they “playing doctor” as kids do? Or is there more going on in his home life? Call social services and have them investigate his home life


It’s more concerning that a 5 year old knows “how” to touch like that, but he/she cannot comprehend what they are doing. Police? definitely not, unless it’s clear theres something far beyond. I’d say the school counselor is a great resource and they should do a “good touch, bad touch” and go over personal boundaries (what a swim suit covers) in detail. While unnerving, keep your emotions in check. Now is the time to teach your own child body boundaries without making it a “thing” :woman_shrugging:t2: all this without knowing any details of course.

My question is what would be an acceptable punishment for this 5 year old in your mind? I would be more concerned if someone was touching/hurting him and demanding that it be investigated and that the child be evaluated for trauma.

Where were the damn adults when that happened? They should be held accountable!!!


What’s the police going to do to a five year old? Probably traumatise him further. I would concentrate on comforting your daughter and rebuilding her strength rather than getting the law on a kid.

Set up a meeting with the principal and this child’s parents. I would also file a policy report. I had a similar situation with my daughter in kindergarten, a little boy put his hand down the back of her pants while sitting on the little carpet for story time. I got no call, no note. My daughter came home bawling. We were at the school the next day, barged into the principals’ office (who happened to be in a meeting with a police officer) and went off. If they refuse, then call the local news station and go down to the main school board office and pitch a fit.

If a five year old is showing some type of sexual behavior towards others it’s probably because they are being molested or are around that kind of thing to even know anything about it at that age.


I actually disagree with the people who think it means he might be getting molested because that instinct is there in little boys when they are acting very aggressively, they don’t need to have seen it anywhere.


Call the police…you maybe saving others from be hurt.